Childhood Memories and Beginnings

How did I start with art and writing? What were my first works and who was the 'yami-joey' of deviantart back then?

I started with my deviantart account when I was 13 years old. Our cousin introduced both me and my sister to dA.

I became a bit known in dA for my fan-comics to the GBA games in the “Fire Emblem” series, where I made JASFEC (Just A Simple Fire Emblem Comic).

Those were good days since I had a lot of faves and comments. Well, I sure did know how to make good humor back then. :P

But the sad thing happened when my comics got deleted from dA and our PC got reformatted,

and all my JASFECs just disappeared which is really very sad.

Years before that, when I was younger, in 2nd or 3rd grade,

I have been making my own comics and interactive notebook games.

I created the comic series entitled “Timmy”, about the “Tim family” which is a family-adventure-humor sort of comic.

However those notebooks I’ve written in were thrown off. >_< I spilled out a lot of CREATIVE JUICE which was quite sad…

When I got my own GBA, I got hooked on games like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (I’ve written a PS2 sequel to that),

Harvest Moon (I married Elli), Pokemon, and my top favorites were Fire Emblem and Advance Wars

(Turn-Based Strategy FTW). I’ve written fan-stories and a lot more fan-fiction about these games.

So there you have it, my younger years. Right now, I kind of wished I were still back there.

There are things that you just couldn’t change and come back to any longer…