A Surname’s Worth

Surname. At times, we have a silly one that makes the people around us laugh and make fun of us. That may not be such a big deal, but, at times, though (which may be more difficult), our surname could be such a big weight for us.

One of my friends have a prominent and admired surname, and if you are from their province, if you have that surname, people expect you to be great, excellent and highly admire you.

They may expect you to do great and awesome things, and your family might expect that you’d be doing great like the others in your lineage. You might excel, you might study hard, you might do a lot of things.

But here’s the thing: What if it’s not enough? What if you fail and you’re not doing well and so you get beaten up for it – emotionally? What if you’re just not like everyone else?

Comparison. Yeah, it’s really heavy in the heart when your parents compare you to your siblings, your cousins or whoever. It breaks your heart and you tell yourself–“I’m just not better than them.” But, hey, relax.. my question is, is it really about our status, our dignity, our image, our success that matters?

            I look around and feel sad for my friend – and everyone else who suffer the same way with so much pressure. Some may try their best, but don’t succeed. Some may walk rebelliously and dismiss these whole things. They trust you but you just couldn’t do it. And as a result, you’re looking at yourself at how weak and unworthy you are.

Come on people! Let your children go free! Don’t put so much pressure on them and let them speak their hearts out! Don’t treat them like fledglingst to train to become an eagle. Treat them with love, and you’ll no what love means in the Bible (1Corinthians 13). Parent, listen, you’re the only ones right now who could love them truthfully and whom they could trust. Accept them for their successes, accept them for their failures–in the end, it’s God who holds our future anyway!

If you’re still trying to become worthy of your surname, then just stop… just let go… you’ll only lose your self-esteem in the process. Accept yourself, and learn to lay it all down to God. He loves you more than you could imagine–and He loves you despite of who you are. Don’t be pressured. Tell your parents about it. If they don’t listen, then just pray for them. God will be the one to move into their hearts.

Please let me hear your thoughts. (via comment)

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