One Big Truth

I have been an avid reader of Paul Ellis’ blog for quite some time now. The blog has a great purpose and that is to escape to reality and know the truth about God’s love that we are unaware of. It just makes me smile, ask, and truthfully no more about the complete Grace of God. Christian or not, I recommend for you to read.

One of his posts opened with a question:

“What is the most important lesson you have learned in life?”

Wow. Life has its ups and downs and eventually we learn from all of what we experience. But the most important lesson we have learned rises up above every knowledge and lesson.

Turns out, the answer you have to that question reveals your “One Big Truth”. As Paul Ellis puts it, “Your One Big Truth is the truth you cling to when all is lost. It’s the backbone that helps you stand and the keel that keeps you on course. It’s the spark in your imagination, the drive in your engine, and the peace in your sleep.

Our One Big Truth is our central belief. It’s what we truly, deeply believe in and what drives us to make our choices and actions.

So if you haven’t ask yourselves yet, think about it…

What is your One Big Truth?

Then, go ahead, post a comment and share.

Or check out Paul’s blog post here.

Please let me hear your thoughts. (via comment)

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