Favorite Songs of 2011

Here are my favorite songs this 2011. Just wanted to share them to you guys.

Healing Begins – the song is about forgiving others, forgiving yourself – where healing
begins. and breaking down the walls that we build up, thinking we’re okay, when we’re absolutely not, and only by forgiving and admitting our faults can we be truly healed…

Strong Enough to Save – the song is about God and salvation. Tenth’s message with this song is that God is strong and loving, and he’s strong enough to save us through the ups and downs and he remains faithful despite of who we are.

They Just Believe – this song is very inspiring. I know it shows what’s inside a lot of people’s hearts right now, and this song has encouraged me during difficult times, and when my faith isn’t in a good condition.

Savior, Please – another song by Josh Wilson that is such an inspiration. I know I’m one of those persons who can’t seem to live on their own, who can’t keep myself up and I need someone to depend on, and this song just shows that prayer in my heart during those times.

Something’s Gotta Change -this song about Josh Wilson is such a great song. Made me realize a lot of things, and I know will, too! The message behind the song is what I believe, too, in this world we live in…

When I’m Alone – “Who am I when I’m alone?” Well, this is one of the songs I listen to when I feel a bit emotional, though, it’s not really advisable, but still this song has been one of my favorites this year.

Look What You’ve Done – this song’s pretty complicated, and this has hit my heart a lot, and I know I could relate to the message behind it. Well, yeah.


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