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So, it’s January now. A new year has come. Some make resolutions – I actually don’t. It just adds pressure to me.

Something I just can’t help but note though is the truth that, I haven’t been reading my Bible for months now.
I know, I know. That’s not a good thing. I just ain’t used to it, or in being diligent about it. There are times when I’ve read the Bible and only got depressed after reading some heavy, heart-wrenching, pressuring verses. (Numbers? Err…Judges? Revelation?)
It kind of turns on my insecurity switch, and makes me feel such a downer for not being able to “be” that. (You know…apathy. Complacency. Procrastination. Words that never appeared in the Bible at all.)

Due to this realization, I pick up the Bible and start reading it–and then thought, maybe I should do a Bible-Reading plan for 2012, but then I figured out I’ll only get pressured if I somehow don’t get to abide in it.

As I turn its pages, I pass by the book of John–I finished that (I think), and saw how Jesus and Grace really do fit together. Then, I remembered I last read Hebrews 1. So I read chapter 2 and 3.

While reading the chapters–I just got confused. I mean, I don’t understand a thing. It just got my mind dizzy. Or I’m just not paying attention. Then, I just prayed about it. Didn’t I have enough mental capacity to swallow these things? Because I couldn’t stand it when I’m reading something and I never truly understand it and that drives me nuts. And it lead me to think that… I’m sure not everyone else understands all they read in the Bible. Some have their different interpretations about it. Bibles translated in different languages–I’ve seen a lot of verses have their different meaning in our language. People could read the entire Bible at the span of one year, or two years, but…it’s kind of going to have different impressions on us as we read it – apart from all the questions.

Does the Bible have the answer? Yes.
Is reading the Bible the answer? Well…there might be a proper way to it.

We sort of expect a lot of different things when we read the Bible.
Some of us expect that by reading it, God will be more closer to us.
Some of us expect answers about life’s problems.
Some of us expect ways on how to live the “Christian life” in its pages.

But….honestly, do we really understand it? Do we really grasp the message behind it?

Without a proper understanding of what Jesus did on the cross, we may pick up the wrong ideas from the Bible that seem to just contradict and confuse us (in my case, confuse me).


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3 thoughts on “More Ramblings

  1. I have a hard time reading the Bible too. Sometimes I wish it was part of my growing up, say a reading before dinner as a family, but that wasn’t the case. I have an awfully long commute to work so I got a free “read the bible in a year” off itunes. I burned some MP3’s and now I listen to it on my drive. Maybe I’m cheating. :) LOL But at least I get my daily word. It has convicted me in the verses I’ve heard, and it reads a bit from the old and then the new. Breaks it up a bit so it’s not so… difficult. I do hear you though, sometimes when reading it like “did I really just read two pages and not grasp a thing!?” Sometimes it’s easier to be complacent, but I also believe that hiding God’s word in our heart will help when things come up in life. We can reference back to a verse that will heal our heart. God bless you for being so honest!

    • You’re right. It really wasn’t part of me growing up as well, so I guess that’s the problem, nor am I diligent enough to follow through some Bible reading plan. Thanks for your comment! :)

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