“Somebody! Help!”

I managed to shout as my boat is being thrown away by the vagrant waves and the powerful storm. There was no sight of any land. No sight of other sailboats. Besides – who would be foolish enough to be setting sail during a storm?

I was.

All because of my foolish misconceptions and taking hold of my ideals, I shall face the death that I may not be ready to face yet.

With my right hand, I hold tightly to the remaining portions of my boat. In the other, my arm holds firmly to my prized possessions. I could not just die here…I could not. All hope was lost at the sight of a tidal wave, and it was history from there.

Down I went, into the ocean, sinking deep.

How come I did not foresee the tragedy before me?

I begin to feel the chaos within me, the discomfort and the fear, as I slowly descend to the seabed. I questioned the feeling of death still not creeping me. This seemed different.

The sounds of the storm, and the crashing of the waves from above – I could no longer hear.

The salty waters of the ocean I breathe into my lungs. Air, I could no longer find.

The possessions I carried, all of them far from my hands’ reach. All that I have worked hard for, it has drowned the same.

As I drown deep into the waters, I notice that…I’m losing what I know about myself.

I’m losing my knowledge, my identity. My reputation, my pride, my sorrows…all of me.

It is as if all of it flees away from me…all of it…sinking deep.

Everything I know, goes down and fades away.

All that I keep, and all that I sow, everything I have kept–with me, they sink so low.

I see everything of it fade away, as I no longer knew myself. Only then…did that light arrive and start to mend my soul. It felt weird…but I had a different kind of peace that I did not know existed.

That time, when I was down the ocean, subsiding… it all changed.

I’m alive again…

Author’s Notes: It’s a short story based on one of my poems with the same title. I just let the words flow, and in this story are my views about life and how people live by, and how people might find the true peace.

My thoughts started at the Bible in the book of Genesis – when I saw what God originally planned for Adam and Eve. (God never wanted them to eat that ‘fruit’ in the first place.) I’m sure by reading this story you’ll figure out what I mean.

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