College Kid

I have a lot to say about education, being a 17-year old college student.

Education here in the Philippines is a bit different — grade school has 6 levels, and after that you go to high school with 4 levels. Unlike other countries which has two or more years (7th, 8th, 9th grade and so on), in our country, students graduate from high school unprepared for the world outside. That’s why all graduating high school students needs to go to college for them to land a decent job. At least, if they are financially okay to do that.

Our educational system is going to be fixed soon, by adding a year in grade school (7th grade) and in high school (5th year).

People really should know how being educated is really important… the teachers. The government officials. It’s really how much you’ve learned and are willing to learn that matters out there. But, here, it’s really sad… I have classmates in college who still don’t read well, write well or comprehend well. They’re not really mindful of their future either, and waste their time on drinking, having a girlfriend, and just having fun.

I know, a part of me doesn’t want to blame either and people’s choices. Because society plays a part in this, too. How people influence them (friends and family) are factors that affect their outlook in life.

I’m in college right now. Sure, I want to take hold of this opportunity to be better and to make my mom/dad proud (and for my future, too), that’s why I’ve really decided in moving to a university for next school year, but the problem is… the good schools are quite far from where we live. My classmates back in high school (who are in college now) endure the 2-3 hour ride to get to this well-esteemed public university in Manila. Add the fact the fares and money you need to get there. My mom said I should decide and she’s fine with me transferring, but not in a place that’s far like that. :(

So, I want to move to a new school, but it’s quite inadequate (distance, finances, and all)… because I just don’t feel right in my current school (a college just a few kilometers from our home) and feel like I could learn more and impart more of my potentials when I move to a better school.

(Add the fact that I have a friend who’s the same course as I am, studying in a further school, but they’ve already ahead of us by a mile.)

The next school year is starting soon, (June 2012) and I have to start moving if I really want to transfer. …To get uncomfortable for the better…

What do you think?
What should I do?
Should I rest and wait for God to move? Or should I take a step in spite of all the circumstances?

Please comment. I really need it. :/

5 thoughts on “College Kid

  1. rest, and let God move right now. He will reveal His direction soon. Each one of us in the family is now in the stage of discomfort having God push us to overcome our comfort zones. I’m praying with you bro. Enjoy what you have and where you are now. Just wait for a clear instruction from the Lord.

  2. My friend, I believe the process of deciding itself is a schooling experience. We should pray about all things but I believe God wants us to make choices and then pray to him for confirmation since in all likelihood, our choices are between good A and good B not choices between bad Aand worse B. Just make one choice. Make the choice that sits well with you and stretches you a bit. Then thank God for enabling you to decide and ask that he breath on it for you. If the choice wont work for you overall, I am sure he will get that across to you. You are well able to make this choice dear brother. But dont be too safe in it, allow yourself to be stretched a bit.

    • Thank you friend for giving me the advice when I needed it. I talked to my mother earlier, and she has decided for me that I would just have to wait for God to just pull through in the circumstance. She told me that a decision without God’s approval is only a waste of energy…it just doesn’t seem right, though, when I just know deep inside that I already have God’s approval. She said that the only thing that matters in college is the diploma, but I disapprove. I don’t want to waste my time, not being able to further my potentials and I don’t think anyone sees that. Right now, I have gotten used to complacency and am tired. I want to stretch myself, but people make it seem as if that isn’t possible, that’s why I just go with what they want even if it hurts.

  3. Dave says:

    I’m going to throw a wrench in and say that “wait for God to move” with school is a bad idea. Apply to the better schools further away and THEN see what happens. Do you have financial aid for university like I do in the States? Call them…find out. Talk about your desires to go to a better school from some older, more established people in your church. God may very well move them to help you get there…but if you don’t have those phone calls and face-to-face conversations, how will they ever know there’s a desire and a need?

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