Where is my Heart?

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“You have been raised to life with Christ. Now set your heart in what is in heaven, where Christ rules at God’s right side. Think about what is up there, not about what is here on earth.” – Colossians 3:1-3 (CEV Translation)

I have been thinking last night about my priorities – about what I have been focusing on, or what I have been doing. I can’t help but embrace the ideas that wrap themselves around me – thinking that there’s room for a more comfortable life here on Earth. I’ve stuck to that idea…and I know I want it. I know I want to be more prosperous, gain more success and praise, to be a shining light to others a lot more…

But is that where it should be?

Where is my heart?

It might be fleeting away. It might be getting trapped into the lies saying something better is waiting for me here. It might be fooled by the ideals and principles of humanity around me, saying, “We can do something about this world. We can make it better.”

Can we?

I happened to have stumbled upon Colossians 3, saying, “set your heart on what is in heaven. Think about what is up there, not what is here on earth.” Which just proves all my thoughts about this. We are so getting focused on what’s going on here…that we never realize that our hearts are being swayed and losing sight of our true home.

And it’s hard. It’s hard when everyone else are just so focused on having a founded life here on earth. It’s hard when they forget about Heaven, being our real home, and so you flow through life following their standards.

I’ve been too focused on my studies, on how we could live more satisfied here, that I am forgetting about my real home.

I’ve been reading blogs from my fellow Christians, and some part of me thinks that…. maybe they are slowly forgetting about that hope, too, because of all the things they focus on.

How about you? Where is your heart?

Is it set in the reality of our true home?

Or is it still grounded here on Earth – all of it, which our eyes can see, but all of it, which will soon fade away?


*Note: My birthday is tomorrow. Yay! :)


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I can’t believe I’m turning 18 soon (on the 18th of February) and it’s already been a year since I graduated from high school. Time moves so fast….I’m just wondering if I’m using that time made out of gold right, that time which God has given to everyone of us.

What do I want for my 18th birthday?

Hmm…. I just want to relax, and not worry  about anything. I’ve been thinking a lot and, too be honest, really unfocused to which road I’m really taking… I just want to be with nature and commune with the trees and grass.

I also want to be able to truly want eternal life and not to get so accustomed with things here…if I could.

My life is fine, and I’m blessed by God, so, I thank Him for that – that I’m not like the other  teenagers who suffer so much just to have food to eat… or from not having anyone who would care for them. That’s why I want to be satisfied instead of to want more.

And thanks to you guys, who keep on reading my blog, and to those who find encouragement in my words/stories. If you would know me in person…you couldn’t really tell if I am a Christian. I screw up every now and then, and I feel guilty for that…

But that’s not how it is, right? It’s not our actions that identify us, nor how much we love Him, but it’s Jesus – who gives us our identity. It’s how He loves us.

Father – A Short Story

An orphan walks the streets, not knowing where to go. A young man in his teenage years. He has no family. He has no father. He is left alone to walk – filthy, naked, hungry, and thirsty.

As he sat along the urban walkways, by the strangers walking by, he is desperate for food. Can somebody? Can somebody hear my cries? Would somebody lend me a hand, or better yet – food…

But more than that, he is desperate for love….acceptance…value.

He must feel really terrible. But he fights his feelings. He carries on. He wants to live, and so he does. He could survive, he could thrive, but then… the world would not align with him. They would not see his worth.

He would steal. He would fight. He would take courage and trample upon others. He wanted to power, and so he sought for it. He thought power could give him what he needed… but it didn’t.

He would drink. And the time came, when he would have sex. He would turn to pleasure, thinking it would satisfy him… but it didn’t.




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Thinking, Overthinking

So, my mother bought me an Acer netbook to help me out with school and blogging. I am very privileged to actually have one! Thank you Lord, for the blessing, and thanks to my mother for always being there.

So…umm…Topic: Overthinking.

I’ve been thinking too much about things that aren’t necessarily needed. I have been wandering with thoughts and with different imaginations that scatter forward–reaching different heights. I’ve always been thinking a lot. There’s always a monologue inside my head. It makes me feel a bit weird, yeah, and I wonder if everyone else thinks this way that I do, too…

One thing’s for sure: There are a lot of stuff that I am (still) anxious of, and that I shouldn’t be thinking of too much at all.

First off, is my schooling, as I have narrated in one of my posts here.

Second, is my stance with God…if what I am doing is fine, or if I may not be inside the lines of safety yet…

Third, are my actions. I have touched a lot of topics (here and here) about choosing to wait or to move, and all throughout I have received different reactions. Some say I should wait and rest in God’s arms and not worry too much and remain in His comfort. Others would say I ought to move, cross the lines, and to seek the road that God intends for me to tread. Soem say waiting is different from doing nothing, and I ought to do something while waiting for God’s hand. All in all, this may be the cause of too much of my overthinking especially whether I am in the right path or not. The thinking is disrupting much of me, too. :(

There’s a voice in me that says: “It’s okay if you don’t do anything. God is with you, and whatever you do, or whatever happens, it’s all going to be for good. The life that you lead and the road that you take NOW is His plan. You’re in His arms now, you don’t have to do a thing.” Another voice says, “You ought to seek what God plans for you and not remain in the arms of comfort. You’re not in the road He wants for you yet. You need to step out and move forward and climb mountains. You need to equip yourself more with faith, for you to find that road, and until you haven’t found that road, you will not find what God wants for you yet.”

So that’s about it. Another one of those rest or move posts. What are your thoughts about it? What is your stand in this?

And thank you everyone, for keeping up with my blog, Greyskeil Rainbow. Hope to still keep in touch with everyone as well.