Father – A Short Story

An orphan walks the streets, not knowing where to go. A young man in his teenage years. He has no family. He has no father. He is left alone to walk – filthy, naked, hungry, and thirsty.

As he sat along the urban walkways, by the strangers walking by, he is desperate for food. Can somebody? Can somebody hear my cries? Would somebody lend me a hand, or better yet – food…

But more than that, he is desperate for love….acceptance…value.

He must feel really terrible. But he fights his feelings. He carries on. He wants to live, and so he does. He could survive, he could thrive, but then… the world would not align with him. They would not see his worth.

He would steal. He would fight. He would take courage and trample upon others. He wanted to power, and so he sought for it. He thought power could give him what he needed… but it didn’t.

He would drink. And the time came, when he would have sex. He would turn to pleasure, thinking it would satisfy him… but it didn’t.




He has no father. He has no mother. He has no family of his own. This…is what hurt him the most. This is what he needed.

One night, he sits on a park bench, looking at the stars. Back then, he was naked…hungry and wretched. Thirsty and dying. Hopeless and worthless. But now, he treads in shoes, in clothing and he could now afford to eat. Just like everyone else, he has went up the ladder. From being broken, he was able to fix himself and move on.

“I have everything I need…don’t I?” he says to himself.

No. I don’t.

I don’t have a family.

That truth sinks deep into himself. Who was he, and to whom did he come from?

He smiles. Maybe it’s just like this. Maybe this is how it is for me…


Author’s Notes: I couldn’t think of a continuation anymore, but then, I hope this story reveals a lot of truth about how we see people.

I quote Paul Ellis’ from his blog: “What is humanity’s number one problem? It is not sin – it is fatherlessness. Adam fell because he did not know God as his father. The same could be said of much of the world today.”

Most of us are alienated from His love. Some would actually say that God loves you this time and then hates you next, but that’s not who He is. He loves you just the way you are, and you need to believe that. Because, like the young man in the story, we are orphans. We walk blindly without a father… that’s why we turn to so many things, and only His love can complete us.

I’ve been pretty irrational and tormented quite lately, being a bit pessimistic and self-punishing, but I’m still learning the way. I shouldn’t punish myself a lot, because God accepts me for who I am, and I’m learning how to enjoy life even if I’m used to being emotional.

2 thoughts on “Father – A Short Story

  1. Rae says:

    Good work but I hope you realise you are very blessed and you have the Lord so please dont despair. may the Lord richly bless you.

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