Love, Death, and a Spider named Glow

This is all a true story.

It was an ordinary morning at one of my classes at school.  That time when I was in my seat, I found this tiny spider resting at my shoulder. I have never seen anything like it. I especially love his color. I named the spider Glow.

I was thinking of bringing the little dude home, but I didn’t have some place to keep him. Well, I was so amazed. I have never been so enthralled at a spider like this ever…in fact I never really liked crawling creatures.

When I stood up to move, I feared that he would flee, but when I came back to my seat again, he was still there. There were times when he would fall off my clothes and into the floor, but I would pick him up again.

The time came when my class was over. I didn’t know what happened–but he just went out of sight. I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find him…

I went out and ate lunch. I had classes again at 4PM.

I went back to school at around 2PM, to the previous classroom where we held my previous class. My classmates where there, and guess what one of my classmates found: it was the green spider! :)

I was really happy when they found him and I took him again.

At 4PM, we had to leave. I didn’t notice the spider anymore, and I tried looking for him.
Our classes were at a different campus and we had to take a jeepney ride there. So we went off to the 3rd floor, into our room. I was walking and moving a lot.

When everyone was seated inside the class, my eyes went to my uniform–and there he was, the spider, clinging to one of the gaps by the buttons. :) I couldn’t believe it! He was actually there all along.

Later, I went down the stairs, and then one of my classmates saw the spider, and dusted him away! He said that there was a spider on my shoulder, but I told him it was my pet! I tried looking for him but he wasn’t anywhere.

When I came back to the classroom, I never seemed to notice, but he was there attached to my clothes again! Amazing.

That one time came when I couldn’t seem to find him (again).

I tried looking around, searching for him, seeing if I could find him.

He couldn’t be lost this time. We’ve been through so much and he’s stuck to me through so much that day!

I tried searching the classroom, the floor. I’m sure he hasn’t gotten far if he ever fell.

When I was searching everywhere, he was still actually with me all along.

The sad reality was, though, I found him at the sole of my shoes…dead.

I felt so bad! After all those times, when there were so many instances that he could have died, I was the one who killed him.

I have a few realizations with this experience. Don’t we do that sometimes, too? Don’t we, too, at times, become murderers…even if we may not know it?

May you rest in peace, Glow.

2 thoughts on “Love, Death, and a Spider named Glow

  1. …okay…I am sure this was delightful post, but I, one who has a small phobia of spiders, can’t get past the fact that you let the small green spider, pretty as it was, rest on your clothing and not feel the urge to suddenly twitch Un controlably and knock the spider off, stomp on it, or have someone else do it, then run out of the room still twitching and hyperventalating. I don’t understand how you could get past that…

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