Blessed are the children for theirs is the kingdom of God.

“Blessed are the children for theirs is the kingdom of God”
by Danny Randall

(I asked for his permission if i could post this, and he gladly agreed. His words have truly inspired me and I hope it does inspire you too.)

    It’s amazing to me how much of my life I was motivated by what I was against and I actually thought I was living in freedom! It’s so easy to rally around a cause, especially when everyone around you agrees with you and pats you on the back for standing up for the truth. For me what I was against was man-made religion and all the evil that comes from it. I would quote Blaise Pascal’s famous quote, “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction,” often to justify my anger and self-righteousness towards those I thought were the enemy.

The problem with being motivated by what your against is that it inevitably leads you to demonize those you disagree with, while at the same time only listening to those who agree with you and confirm that your right and everyone else is wrong. It’s also impossible to grow that way. We don’t grow by only being around people who think, act, talk, and believe exactly like we do. We grow by taking in different perspectives and being willing to learn from (maybe especially by)those we disagree with. We grow by being honest with ourselves when what we are doing/thinking/believing isn’t working and being willing to admit we are missing something and asking for help.

If there’s anything I’m learning recently, it’s that those who are most secure in their identity are the one’s who are free to be wrong, boast in their weaknesses, and ask for help when they need it. It’s such a lie to believe that the goal of mature Christianity is not needing help. The goal is community with each other where love thrives between us as we live, learn, and grow together. In fact Jesus said it was only when we learned to love each other this way that the world would believe we really took His message seriously.

The problem is most people can’t afford to be wrong. So many (including myself more than I’d like to admit)have their self-worth tied up in being right, having the answers for every problem, and basically having it all together(or at least trying to make it appear that way). I mean, what would people think if we really voiced the concerns and quit trying to sweep everything under the rug while maintaining appearances??? What would happen if we not only DIDN’T hide our weaknesses anymore but actually became free enough to BOAST in our inability to handle these things and put our actual trust in Jesus’ love and presence as the only way any of our mess will be sorted out???

I’ll tell you what would happen-We would experience the kingdom of God. The realm where you have to become like a little child if you want to mature. Children know how dependent they are. They are not ashamed of it, they actually BOAST in it! They know their parents will take care of them so they live in the moment, laughing, playing, and enjoying every little thing. They are typically uninhibited in expressing all sides of their emotions spontaneously. They can be crying one moment and the very next they are smiling running around wanting you to play with them. This is what Papa God wants for all of us-A life free from worry, stress, anxiety, and that nagging feeling that everything really is up to you to make it happen.

But there’s a reason we don’t live in that reality. We are still somewhere in our hearts unsure and unconvinced of Papa coming through for us and taking care of those things that matter most to us. Sure we can quote a billion scriptures about our identity and we have loads of Bible knowledge but in the end we haven’t let the simply reality of Papa’s goodness and reliability sink into our hearts. We live as professing Christians who are actually functional atheists. We believe it’s all up to us to make it work. We think the weight of our lives is all on our shoulders so we freak out! We blow up at people and we don’t know why. We get incredibly anxious for no apparent reason and seem unable to shut it off. We live in a fragile emotional space terrified of being vulnerable for fear of being rejected. Why? Because we don’t really believe Daddy has our back.

One things for sure though-all of our doubts, fears, and lack of trust don’t change the fact that Papa is TOTALLY reliable, good, tender, loving, and protects us and looks out for us all the days of our lives! Even if we are faithless He remains faithful because He cannot deny His own nature. Your faith doesn’t get God to do stuff for you. He’s already decided that everything He has is yours. Your faith(trust) in His character let’s you experience the quality of life He experiences all the time, even in your worst moments and most challenging circumstances. The revelation of Daddy’s heart for you and His commitment to you brings within it total freedom to be a child again. To live fully and freely in every moment. The pressure is not on us. It’s on His shoulders so you can relax and enjoy your life. You can enjoy the process of growing in the understanding of who God is and who you really are because your joy is not in the end-product but in the RELATIONSHIP WITH PAPA ITSELF!!!!

In an age where we just want God to fix everything and make everything go our way, God seems to be a disappointment! He is not interested in quick-fixes(which aren’t real anyways) or in just solving your immediate problems. Of course He will take care of those things but that’s not primarily what He’s after. He’s after romance. He’s after intimacy. He’s after our hearts and our affection. That’s what His goal is. What parent has a child just so they can meet their needs and solve their problems??? No people become parents because they want to create someone in their image that they can love and adore and enjoy for their entire lives. LOVE is the motivation and the reward as well. Love is what ignites the deepest parts of us. And that spark of love is nothing less than God Himself being revealed! God is love!

The more we consciously choose to rest in Papa’s faithful love and character, the more we will experience the freedom He already died to give us. And we only experience this love and freedom of Papa when we become like children again. When we allow ourselves to be weak, vulnerable, fragile, and helpless. We can be naked an unashamed before Papa because He loves us exactly as we are. Honesty and acknowledgment of my need have fostered more intimacy and freedom in Papa than anything else I know of personally. I pray everyone who reads this feels the Father’s voice compelling them that it’s ok to take the mask off. There’s nothing to prove or earn. Your His child that He loves, and you have nothing to lose by being dependent on Him.

Please let me hear your thoughts. (via comment)

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