Children, Innocence and their Happiness Undaunted


What’s so special about the young little toddlers – children in their early age? Us being older, we rarely understand them. We sometimes wouldn’t know why they would cry or wake up at night and run towards us for a tight hug. Sometimes we belittle them for their simplicity, their playfulness, and their more often annoying repetitive quests for our attention.

As they show off their proud scribbles of crayons on that piece of paper, or dance off or sing to Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams, or a Barney song, they always seem to want our attention.

And they’re afraid of being alone. An infant, so shaky on their own without someone to trust and depend on.

It’s easy to me to say this, but, truth be told I do not understand kids like them. Being around a handful of 2-year olds won’t be enjoyable for me. And, for most of us, it’s gonna be a hard task to strip ourselves of the maturity as grown-up individuals and step down to their level of childly innocence, and happiness undaunted in simply being secure.

Security. Trust. Things that we label as fleeting, or cannot be found in this world. We think nothing in this world is secure. No relationship, and security can ever be truly constant. As grown-up individuals, we worry about a lot of things, our future, how we are going to handle things and face the issues of this tragic world.

And maybe that’s why we couldn’t understand children. As we’ve grown up, we also strayed far from the simplicity of being trusting and fully-dependent on the security of God’s love for us. Like the children, so vulnerable and dependent of their parents’ love for them.

I admire these children, and at some point I envy them for their ideal qualities…undaunted trust and dependence – things that fade out as we age. But these are the things that are valuable in our relationship with God.

Let’s trust Him. Let’s depend on Him. Even during times that seem so shaky, always remember that He is for you.

I quote a few words from this book I’m reading by Wayne Jacobsen, “He Loves Me”:

“Perfect love drives out fear,” John continues. While fear may be the most powerful motive known to man, God’s love is more powerful still and in the face of it our greatest fears are swallowed up in him. Love displaces fear the same way light displaces darkness.
There is nothing more critical to spiritual growth than making this transition. John concludes, “The one who fears is not made perfect in love” (1 John 4:18). As long as we live in fear, we exclude ourselves from the very process that will make us complete in God.

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