Little Sheep

Little Sheep

Little sheep, why do you run?
Chasing after the rising sun
Trying to move so far away
Felt rejected from the fray

Little sheep, did they laugh at you?
Saying, oh young one, you don’t have a clue
You’re left behind and feeling blue
They think they’re all better, wiser than you

Run, you run, as far as you can
You cling to rebellion, flowing tears, they began
Thinking you’ve been nothing but an insolent fool
Going your way, not abiding by rule

Little sheep, why do you run?
Going out the world, to experience the sun
Maybe you’ll find how bright it would shine
And know this route was really the most fine.

Wake up, my fellow sheep, wake up to the sun
Where mellow green pastures await, and much fun
Our shepherd, not but a limited man, you say
Well, I see him right here, giving light to this day.

Spelling Words and Love

I just watched the 2005 movie, Akeelah and the Bee. I have loved spelling even
as a kid, but this movie presented so much words that I wasn’t familiar of. The
wide variety of words out’s amazing.

So what made the movie so special for me?

First off, the movie presented so much about how we seem to be unsure of
ourselves. We doubt ourselves, we fear what is to come, and other than that, the
people around us may not show much support and optimism about the path we

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Blue Moonlight Song

Blue Moonlight Song – Poem written by Me

She’s playing her guitar, as she sings a different tune
Different from all I know, she is shining as a blue moon
She tells me what she wants, she says, she wants to show the love –
Of a Father to the weary, a Father from up above.

Inspiring each soul, as she graciously sings, and plays her own guitar
An exceptional song, a moonlit song, that’s always not too far
The melodies of love she plays, wearing that bright smile,
Every piece of truth from her, we understand, without guile.

She smiles, she soars and flies to different skies of grey and blue
Staying strong, she won’t go wrong, her heart is serene too,
Yet there are times, as if she fails, and seeks that love as well,
Wanting to receive the care, that same Father has for her.

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