Blue Moonlight Song

Blue Moonlight Song – Poem written by Me

She’s playing her guitar, as she sings a different tune
Different from all I know, she is shining as a blue moon
She tells me what she wants, she says, she wants to show the love –
Of a Father to the weary, a Father from up above.

Inspiring each soul, as she graciously sings, and plays her own guitar
An exceptional song, a moonlit song, that’s always not too far
The melodies of love she plays, wearing that bright smile,
Every piece of truth from her, we understand, without guile.

She smiles, she soars and flies to different skies of grey and blue
Staying strong, she won’t go wrong, her heart is serene too,
Yet there are times, as if she fails, and seeks that love as well,
Wanting to receive the care, that same Father has for her.

She sings the tune, with all her heart, while knowing all along,
That all she wanted was for someone else to sing her the same song.
Her different melody…it might fade…soon. Won’t someone understand?
That love is what she wanted – in times she gave them all she had.

Love, the love she needs, it’s deep within, it’s by her side.
Whenever she calls, whenever she falls, that love it flows inside
That love, it was always around her, it was the one playing that same song.
The melodies that we have loved, the melodies that won’t go wrong.

Though pain is what she feels, despite the smile she is possessing
As the blue moon lights the pallid skies and gives to life its meaning
A meaning to a tearful song, a life that will always be worth living
She is the girl that loves, that’s loved the same, that different love…
…it’s worth embracing.

My friend and I are working on recording this. I wrote this for her, and she added a tune to it and it’s amazing. Just wanted to share the lyrics here, and hopefully, the music itself soon.

I love the message behind this poem I’ve written. It’s about us, who are Christians, aiming to the best of our efforts to share the love of God to our circle of influence through the problems that we’ve been through, and those times that we feel as if He doesn’t love us.

But truly, He does.

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