Failure to Accept

The parable of the prodigal son is one of my favorite stories in the Bible. It shows so much of God’s compassion, mercy, and grace towards us; most especially in spite of our failures/mistakes.

It’s sad how people (me included) can act the opposite sometimes.

When a friend betrays us, or does us no good, there’s already a gap formed. A bond lost. It just isn’t the same because of the wrong actions.

When a son/daughter makes the wrong choices, keeps rebelling, we welcome them with words of anger and correction. Disdain and contempt. We leave them to correct their mistakes, and if they do, that’s only when we’ll make them feel loved again.

When one loses his way, we treat them so lowly, so full of stain and dirt, and unless he picks himself up again will we treat him properly again.

We hate the immoral people.
I see pastors attacking them at the pulpit sometimes.
Those people…who just doesn’t live right in our eyes.

But what did the Father do?

I’m sure you’ve read that parable. (If not, check out Luke 15:11-32.) It clearly shows that, despite of the filth, mistakes, failure of this wayward son, his Father ran towards him with open arms. The Father didn’t even mention a thing about the wrong choices his son made, or didn’t even talk about the lessons in the situation. All the Father longed for was to love. He was very glad the son came back.

I’m so glad my Father is like that to me.
He’s not like, “Oh, have you learned your lesson already? Because if not, you’re still not welcome here.”
Or like, “You have to change first! I don’t have a son that does all these stupid things.”

Because, really, we are like that to others.. We expect them to change, before we could ever love them. We expect them to learn… to do the right things…before we could ever welcome them again.

We expect them to solve all the problems first.

And that hurts. That wounds our hearts, and makes us feel alone and rejected.
And this makes me admire the love our Father has for us much more. How deep is His grace. That grace alone, that keeps us.

Please let me hear your thoughts. (via comment)

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