Video Game Ideas

I’ve wrote some video game plot ideas in the past that I would love to share with you all. It’s really far from being a reality, but still, just something that came to me.

Project “Lightyoke” is a story I’m working on about a group of teenagers in their journey to awaken the Hearts sleeping in Introspace, and unveiling the Truth that all along, what they were believing is but a lie from Deception.

I was thinking of making this into a video game.. if it’s possible. In the future…

It was long ago, when Abba, in his desire to release the Compassion from within him, created the Humes – beings with the capacity to share Compassion the same as him, and more importantly, to receive it. The Humes, they alone, have that power, that power stored in each of them being called a “Heart”.

Each Hume has a Heart, resting inside his very core. Through knowledge and enlightenment, the Heart’s powers can be awakened. A Hume can connect with his own heart by travelling through the world of Introspace. This is where all Hearts rest, peacefully, in harmony.

It is in those days, that Humes live happily, sharing Compassion to one another, and receiving the Compassion from their creator, Abba.

But, unfortunately, out of the darkness, Deception arrives. With her guileful skills, she convinced these creatures that their Hearts are inexistent. Every Hume has heard. Every Hume has changed.

From then on, the Humes lived without the hope that they once had. The power, the Heart, that lies within them remains, yet in their knowledge it exists not. And so, Compassion was not shared, neither was it received, and its power slowly faded, causing the Hearts to fall into a deep slumber.

Although the Humes have been deceived, the Hearts still remain inside each Hume, yet they lie asleep, as Deception wraps her evil schemes around the minds of each Hume, believing that their Hearts have been taken.

Yet Abba has made a way. Lightyoke, the sword that awakens the Hearts.

Please let me hear your thoughts. (via comment)

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