This Is Grace – Andrew Abbott

I’ve been looking around at Soundcloud, searching for covers of some of my favorite music, and found so many talented artists and music that don’t get a lot of attention. One that captured my heart through his music is Andrew Abbott, an Independent Christian recording artist from Ontario, Canada. His biography, I would definitely agree with: “His songs are lyric driven, reaching to the core emotions that each one of us have experienced in life.”

Grace? What is grace? One thing that Andrew Abbott does so well through his music is in capturing the hurt, regret, and failure – not ignoring it, not substituting it with false joy – but instead making us realize it. That…this is real. People hurt. But the good news is, there is LOVE, from a Father..a Daddy.. showing us grace, that…in spite of our sin and hurt, He accepts us and lavishes us with His Love..Love that is greater than our past.

As Andrew says, “I know there are people in this world that are hurting; I want my music to reach into their hearts and give them something that is greater than their hurt.”

art by tacticianjenro

“I Know Where to Run” by tacticianjenro

Andrew debuted his career in music with his acoustic album entitled “This is Grace”. One particular song caught my attention, which is Run To His Arms. It has so much emotion, and honesty, which I love! A story that I know most of us could relate to. The verses were all about going through everyday life and things that we think about but don’t really get to say and the song ended with how he realizes where to run – that there are arms waiting for him. Yeah, it’s amazing. I  It did remind me of Times by Tenth Avenue North and my story A Prayer Story.

He’s a Christian artist who has music you might want to hear. You can listen to some of his songs through his Soundcloud here or purchase his music on iTunes here. Do just that, and maybe you’ll love his music too. :)

Please let me hear your thoughts. (via comment)

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