Nothing Is Wasted

Is It OK to be OK?

Dry moments. Nothing, no focus, no goal…no sort of inspiration. I could be keeping my mind set on something and doing that, instead of just…staring at the blank page before me. But what do I write? There are times, like right now, when I feel like just making scribbles. Random ones. Whether they overlap, or form an image, or just plain scribbles that don’t really mean anything… well. It’s those times.

I could be inspired right now, hopeful that my future is bright. Taking short, small steps…towards what? Maybe I feel intimated, or just misguided, or just…dependent. That’s it. Dependent.

The Endless Staircase. That feeling, that…nothing.

The Cycle of Being Better.

So much spaces I wish could be filled. Now looking back, a year ago, I wrote Side of the Coin, and there’s this comment from Jenene Mathews that says:

“What I’ve found is that it’s really difficult to shut my mouth/mind and just listen, just rest, just be still. It’s a whole lot less effort to just do things for myself… with really bad results, unfortunately. Personally, that’s the challenge He’s given me is to be still, let HIM be in charge, to wait on him, to rest… And honestly, what HE can do in and through us is so much greater than anything we can hope to accomplish in and of ourselves.”

…What HE can do in and through us is so much greater than anything we can hope to accomplish in ourselves.

I guess that’s it. Would the right mindset be, to believe that God really is doing something through me even though it feels like time is just being wasted?

One of my favorite songs right now is Nothing is Wasted by Jason Gray and Nothing is Wasted by Elevation Worship.

Will nothing be wasted?

From the ruins and ashes, will beauty rise? From the wreckage and darkness, will glory shine?

Will nothing be wasted?

Will you work all things for good?

…I choose to believe that, in spite of this. All I ask, I guess, is for you to bring me to where I should be.

Please let me hear your thoughts. (via comment)

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