Can’t believe it’s almost my birthday again. This coming Monday, I’ll be celebrating my nineteenth birthday. I am hoping for changes and breakthroughs from God this year, and hopefully some direction and plans straightened out about my future.

Last year, I’ve written the post “Eighteen” and one of my wishes is to be satisfied instead of to want more. And I felt that my life last year, was all-in-all a great turnaround and I am satisfied about what has happened. So many things I have realized. I’ve met so many friends from different places and received so much love and affirmation for this year. I’ve also received a special gift and I’m really blessed and thankful.

Although there are still things I wish could change…like, needing direction for the future, or the present. Faith and doubt is a constant battle, too. Although I doubt myself much more these days. I should…I guess…focus on the positive things more than the negative ones.

So, what do I want for my nineteenth birthday?

I want to shine and not simply stay here without any accomplishments. Be productive and reach out to people while still being satisfied and happy. *smiles*

Please let me hear your thoughts. (via comment)

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