The Cycle of Being Better II

“I could be better, right?”
“I could prove that…I can not be just a guy who is average. Or useless. I could be good at something. I could be more..”
“Looking at others – looking at their confidence, their status in life, the things they achieve and work out altogether, makes me see how small I am in comparison. It’s a discouragement and an encouragement at the same time.”
“It could be…one of the wells, or reason, for my doing better and aiming for more..”

“You know, often we look at what’s ahead..the future, our goals and wants.. but deep inside it could be.. our heart’s way of shouting its need for acceptance and position. We want to be somebody. However, is what lies ahead all there is to it? Or is it what we have in the here and now?”

“The great thing with God is…in Him we have both, in a different kind of aspect. Here and now – we are loved and accepted. We don’t have to compare ourselves to others based on what they do and what we don’t. We don’t have to envy others just because they have..things..talents.. things that we may not ‘appear’ to have.”

“And for people who are like that — people who seem to be discouraged by the ‘strength’ and ‘prosperity’ of others, our life is secure in His hands. There’s a Place that lies waiting…we just can’t see it yet. But it’s there.”

“Maybe…one thing to remember is aren’t ‘small’ based on what you do or don’t do. You are big because of Him, because He carries you on His shoulders.”

Author’s Notes:
A some sort of sequel to the short story I wrote entitled “The Cycle of Being Better.

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