I definitely could relate to this..and I’m glad this was written.

Grace for my Heart

Grace 101


When Adam and Eve decided to do things their own way, they left the Garden where God had provided and protected.  I don’t think they believed they would die, but the life they lived was certainly gone.  I think they thought they could have both God’s blessing and their own will.  But the Lord had warned them and they listened to the lie of the serpent and they chose poorly.

God called the tree “the knowledge of good and evil.”  That has puzzled people for a long time.  What does it mean to know evil?  I would suggest that it means they knew evil intimately.  They lived in it.  They explored it.  They wrestled and played and embraced with it.  Just as they had lived immersed in good, they now found their existence immersed in evil.

And many of them turned their hearts and thoughts away from…

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Screaming Uncertainties

Passive, screaming…”ACTIVE!!!”
Active, screaming… “PASSIVE!!!”
Rest, screaming, work.
Work, screaming, rest..
Less, screaming, MORE.
More, screaming…..even more….

Uneasy because grace is too scandalous. Because it just isn’t simply “wise” to trust in what we can’t see.. and that which we can’t see, actually loves us and takes care of all that we ever need. If we trust, yet we don’t see any results, would that mean that.. that which we give our trust to is failing?

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Running, Flowers, and the Unwinding Cable Car

Unwinding Cable Car

There’s something redeemingly powerful about the song “Unwinding Cable Car” by the band Anberlin. While I was listening to it, a scene was playing in my mind that I just thought of. I saw a man running along black and white painted lines in a sea of pink, green, violet and yellow flowers. He keeps on running, but then, falling down – feeling so tired. He was running for so long and he feels lonely, he has been running all by himself.

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God’s Love is a Constant


There’s one of those days when you feel like giving up and you feel like nothing’s ever really happening and you’re too weak to make something out of nothing. There are times when the situations in front of us get the most out of us and we can’t really pick up the sword lying right there and fight back. Time is a foe, and yet it always makes losers out of us for seemingly “not” being able to use him properly.

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