God’s Love is a Constant


There’s one of those days when you feel like giving up and you feel like nothing’s ever really happening and you’re too weak to make something out of nothing. There are times when the situations in front of us get the most out of us and we can’t really pick up the sword lying right there and fight back. Time is a foe, and yet it always makes losers out of us for seemingly “not” being able to use him properly.

But out of all of these circumstances, God’s love is a constant. A value that is unchanged. A rock in which we should stand on. Although we sometimes don’t see it, especially in the way we are, His love is still a constant. Although we feel some crazy things, His love is a constant.

Let’s believe in that love, shall we? And let that love be our strength…be the reason we go on…be the center of our hearts, and may that love continue to fluorish inside of us.

One thought on “God’s Love is a Constant

  1. God’s love is indeed constant,no matter what circumstances we have in life.It is always our guiding light.You have a very inspiring sentiments here buddy..nice post.

    P.s i love the poster..=()

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