Running, Flowers, and the Unwinding Cable Car

Unwinding Cable Car

There’s something redeemingly powerful about the song “Unwinding Cable Car” by the band Anberlin. While I was listening to it, a scene was playing in my mind that I just thought of. I saw a man running along black and white painted lines in a sea of pink, green, violet and yellow flowers. He keeps on running, but then, falling down – feeling so tired. He was running for so long and he feels lonely, he has been running all by himself.

But he doesn’t give up. He keeps running, in the middle of all the flowers, the sun shining brightly, the bright skies and the birds… I see him running, from different angles. As if escaping something, dreaming of all the things he has done, and shirking those feelings away. And he falls down. Some people from his life suddenly appear and help him up, and they continue to run while carrying him. When the man regains his consciousness, he keeps running back.

The road ends, and he’s still there, in the fields of flowers he was in. At the end of the road, there was Jesus, and he ran towards him and hugged him real tight. Tears fell from his eyes, and fell to the ground. Then a tall tree grew from that ground, and when he opened his eyes, he saw the tree and he just flew. Flying, towards outer space. And as he was flying he could see all these people’s images around him. And then he landed on the moon and sat down on it, looking at his right hand..not from afar, he can see the earth, all filled with the flowers…

Anyway, those are just my vivid thoughts when I was listening to it one night. You can listen to the song here.

Please let me hear your thoughts. (via comment)

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