Screaming Uncertainties

Passive, screaming…”ACTIVE!!!”
Active, screaming… “PASSIVE!!!”
Rest, screaming, work.
Work, screaming, rest..
Less, screaming, MORE.
More, screaming…..even more….

Uneasy because grace is too scandalous. Because it just isn’t simply “wise” to trust in what we can’t see.. and that which we can’t see, actually loves us and takes care of all that we ever need. If we trust, yet we don’t see any results, would that mean that.. that which we give our trust to is failing?

Most people go by living without any certainty about their needs. They go through multiple sets of jobs and their life is just way too busy, but what they earn isn’t enough..what they have just isn’t enough.

On the other end, there are people who have been blessed to earn more than enough. It seems as if God’s favor is much more evident in them. They spend their time doing worthwhile things to improve themselves, perhaps learn a sport or indulge in a few endeavors. They are okay with their life, aren’t they?

Yet I am sure, for either ends, both have uncertainties. Both have their struggles.

I’ve been blessed to be born in neither opposite poles, instead in the middle. There are times when we fear if money is enough to get us through, especially now that we are going through a phase of changes. This is where I, and my family could feel uncertain at times. We dream about having a better life, looking up to others who already “have theirs”.

Worries just might be part of being human. The good thing is, our God cares about us. Whichever end you are part of, God cares for you. And if you are blessed with more than enough to carry through with life, please be thankful with it not just in word but in your actions. Please carry compassion with you.

If you don’t have enough to get through or if you have so much, God is still there. It’s true and please believe it. Please look not to your skills, not to how much money you have, instead the value you have in Christ. He redeemed you and now you are part of a greater Kingdom, far more than what your eyes can see or what you can feel…

Please let me hear your thoughts. (via comment)

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