Likes, Image, and Comparisons

Like Stamp

In this age of social networking and this hype we have about getting likes and followers, I see how it stimulates our desire for popularity and attention. Because, doesn’t it feel good to receive a lot of likes, or a top comment on youtube? Or maybe having that goal or desire for a self-made blog, idea, or video to go viral..

It’s a beautiful success, or so it seems, for others to see how cool we are or what kind of impact we can make to a lot of people. In our idleness, we flaunt what’s best in us, of course weighing if people would like it or not, and be…admired.

Being admired gives most of us a sense of value or success. Finally, we could be proud of ourselves. We aren’t the newbies and dreamers we once were. Because we’re living in reality now. Once, we were holding on to nothing. Now we have “proof” to say that we have it.

But.. maybe these days.. the goal for popularity and a good image have been too emphasized on. Maybe.. it has become such a valuable factor in having one’s dreams fulfilled, or success being reached.

But when we strip ourselves of these things…all these goals we have reached, all these talents we have been given, all of the fans who fervently support us, all that good actions we have committed… Who are we? Does what we do define who we are?

Is it about toiling and giving our all towards life to uphold ourselves?

One thing’s for sure, you don’t have to aim for all of these things. You don’t have to surround yourself with followers, or say something others would like, to give you a sense of worth.

Because in Christ you have all of these. He is your success. The world says you have to prove yourself to be accepted. You have to be cool and admirable, and be better. But…that’s just NOT the case for Christianity. God loves you as you are. Just be you, and remember how much He loves you. This is how we could wholly love others – knowing that God loves us not because of what we do, but because that’s who He is.

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