A Question For My Blog Followers

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July 2011.

Recently, I haven’t been pretty active with writing in this blog. I’ve started writing here at the year of 2011, talking about issues on life and faith that really matter to me. I’ve also written things that have helped or inspired some people out along the way. Over the last few months though, I have barely received any support and feedback, due to the lack of posts I’m sharing. That is why I am considering starting anew instead. However, my decision isn’t final yet.

December 2011.

December 2011.

 Maybe it’s just the lack of direction with the blog, or some sort of progress, that’s why I’m not really as inspired as I used to be from a year ago. Maybe I was losing sight of who I am in God, instead continuing to be frustrated and anxious over myself, in spite of knowing the truth.

I have a lot of ideas, still… stories I wish to be told, yet some part of me could not seem to express it because I’m still somehow not there yet.


March 2012.


June 2012.


December 2012.

February 2013.

February 2013.

But I’ve found that there is a lot of truth in what I am writing…it is still there, and I just need to keep believing in myself and the light that I have to offer, that is Christ… 

I will continue writing, and expressing my thoughts and ideas, but just for a moment, if you are reading this, What is your honest opinion about what I am writing?

What do you think, honestly? Because some feedback and direction is really much needed and appreciated right now…not just for me but I’m sure a lot of others could benefit from that, too.. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “A Question For My Blog Followers

  1. it happens. an artist myself, there are “uninspired times”. although i do not consider myself a writer, by it seems that inspiration is tied to writing as well.

    i have been meditating, pondering, contemplating, thinking loudly on a particular post. this post is now more than a month old draft. so why not publish it already? its not the lack of inspiration, not the lack of knowledge. nor the lack of confidence.

    sometimes, we wait for God. I can say that when almost everything is perfect by our own works, it usually is a formula for failure. so better an imperfect writing, a problematic situation because God works best through those times.

    what am I trying to say? in a nutshell. don’t change anything. don’t start anew. don’t quit.
    but get a lot of rest. sleep. rest until you are rested. sleep until you forget your responsibilities.
    God works best in our sleep, God works when we are at 100% rest.

    – grace and peace

  2. Well, I think that you have a lot of truth in what you say. I like that you share Christ with others, and how His Death and Resurrection on the cross saved you from your sin, and how it can save others too. But as far as making your blog more popular… do you do any social networking like Twitter, or FB?

    Thanks for your inspirational, Gospel-filled, posts.

    Sincerely, Joy

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