Comic #4: Red Tie Guy

comic by tacticianjenro

comic by tacticianjenro

I tried to take a break from the usual comic style and use a popular meme figure called ‘cereal guy’ who is famous for the line “you will never have a boyfriend/girlfriend”. I took it to a weird inward approach where he questions himself instead of how he usually has his say about other people.

People can have their opinion about us, but we can’t let the negatives shape our identity. We are more than what others see us – and even, how we see ourselves! If we are in Christ, our identity is righteous, loved, and destined for greater places.

Will we stay and eat cereal all day? Or be…who we really are?


Comic #2: Fear and Love

Comic by tacticianjenro

Comic: Fear And Love

“Peace could come at quite a cost, so we won’t build a bridge across..Fear is easy, love is hard.” -Jason Gray, in his song here.

After so many months, I finally decided to make a new comic, the first one being here.

These are some of my thoughts about how often we don’t give others a chance, or even dismiss them as hopeless. I think, If God loves us so much we should do our best to see others as humans with souls, who are still never too far from redemption. I know how He loves me, and I don’t want that love being held back to myself. Well, I know that’s tough but…I’d prefer to choose to live a life of love..

The One Safe Soul I’ve Got

Photo by hotblack

One Safe Soul by Josh Wilson
(From his new album Carry Me)

I can face unthinkable things
As long as you face them with me.
And I could take the world’s worst news
As long as I get to come home to you.

Oh baby, you show me the love of God.

And love is never blind,
You see all the wrongs
I try to hide.
But you stay right by my side
When all the world does not.
You’re the one safe soul I’ve got.

Man’s greatest fear is being alone,
And his second greatest is being unknown.
But if you are both known and loved,
You got nothing left to be scared of.

You are solace in the storm,
You are rest when I am worn,
You are words when I can’t speak,
You are song when I can’t sing.

Looking Back at School

“Trapped By School” by DestinyBlue

My days in school had a lot of mixed up memories. Now that I’m older, looking back, there were things I could have changed. It would have been great if I made the most out of the time as a teenager. But like most kids – I was often just going along and letting things be..

The prevailing memory I’ve had back then was how I was caring so much about what others thought about me and ending up falling short. Somehow I grew up adapting that way of thinking where people’s eyes, scores and judgments needed to be regarded a lot. That seed made much anxiety bloom and I was a wreck on the inside. I was awkward and often thought I was disregarded. That people could stand on their own and I couldn’t.

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God’s Abundant Grace

“I receive the abundance of the grace of God and His gift of righteousness.”

It’s so much easier to wallow in sadness and blame. I could keep looking back at the past and see so much of the opportunities I have missed. I could focus on my lack, and listen to words that tear me apart. And I know it is easier to curl up in a ball in the corner or beat up yourself.

I guess, in this generation we have there are so many things to distract us from what our Father in heaven really thinks about us. Or we can get distracted, instead of drawing from the springs that He offers we turn to other things instead that could leave us dry.

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