The Key, Some Ramblings

The Key by Tactician Jenro

“The Key” by Tactician Jenro

I’m at this point again where I really feel like nothing makes sense and I don’t want to do anything… :/ It all just sucks, so bad. What is letting go and lifting it all to God? More importantly, what should I do now? How do I become better? I can’t just stay here. How do I live again? Please. Help me help myself. -_- Help me live in the best way possible, making the most out of every moment…

One thought on “The Key, Some Ramblings

  1. Thanks for sharing and its an important lesson. I heard a sermon this Sunday about how God might make us do something we don’t want to do and often when its something we’re happy for him to lead on then its OK but when its not then we find it hard. So examples are Ezekiel when he was asked to lay down for 390 days and when Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son or when Moses was asked to lay his staff down on the ocean..well I’m sure they all thought that God was crazy but they all did it and stepped out in faith and that shows love for God however hard it may be for us. I’m also facing that fear in a situation I’m in but i know he cares and has made us uniquely and will never leave our sides. May you also learn to let go and trust him fully and know that he will bring restoration.

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