You Know That, Right? – A Short Story

Okay?“You and I are going to be okay. You know that, right?”

“Hmm… Okay….really?”


“Easier to say, but harder to believe… because…

Look around, and look at all these people.

Isn’t it all a little bit too hard for them?

For me, either..I feel stuck in a rut, never really knowing what to do…what to be…what goes on from here.

But I guess that’s what having faith is about now….

Even if more often I want things to just change, but the thought that I have to change them myself is sad…”

“But you don’t have to change…”

“Of course I have to…this is the world. If I don’t become better I’ll get stepped on by people. I won’t get a job, I won’t be….I won’t be……..I think I’m hungry.”

Hmm. Yeah, I wish you could eat a lot more. It would be good for you.”

“I know. I hope so too. See? It’s sad things aren’t the way they should be now…

If I look back to when I talked to you right now from when time has passed… will I go back and say….I was right all along. Or was I always wrong… for not…. doing anything. For not choosing.

But what is there to choose anyway?”


“Choose love.”¬†


“While others are going..running..seeking to find their place in this world..and looking for their definition of success and life…

you won’t be the same.


trusts God always,

always looks for the best,

never looks back,

but keeps going to the end.”

“Easier said than done, my friend…

easier said than done.”

“Yeah….I know…


That’s why I’m here.”

– A short dialogue between two unnamed characters…this, I just thought of today.

Please let me hear your thoughts. (via comment)

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