Life in Motion – A Short Dialogue


“Hey…what’s up?”

“Hey.’s nice to see you again. And.. I’m sure you know already.

Yet, I’ve stepped out again, beating around the bush,

casting a fishing line into sea where fishes don’t exist.

You know how desperately I want to change right?”

“Yeah. You’ve got so much ahead of you.”

“Really… yeah. Really? How much assurance would it take to believe that?

When I know part of the equation, other than belief, is hardwork.

All the turmoil and striving, moving, necessary to keep living and to survive this battle called life..

And.. I don’t want to strive this way, anyway.”

“I know what you mean.

It’s how people give the choices and actions they’ve made all the credit, right?

Indeed, what would one be without action? Without the pressing on, the moving forward?”

“Without all that…one would be nothing..

He would have looked back and be filled with regret.

He would have stared at the ideals he had let go of and had drifted away..

By time, which he did not learn to control…

He knows he was not truly living…he did not do every way possible to make it through.

And so indeed, one would be nothing.”


That’s not entirely right, I believe.

One’s lack of cunning and action,

Does not, and will never make him nothing.

One often identifies himself through his actions,

Yet it is not all he is.”

“But that’s rubbish!

That isn’t how the world works anyway.

They would always think that… there are clear winners and clear losers.

That dividing line that separates each human soul… it does exist.”


But you know what? God demonstrated His grace and cross those lines.

Some may frown at these very words, but..

Maybe it’s not about the people winning or losing.”

“It’s going to be a battle.. it always is.

If not for someone, for something.”

“Or maybe it’s just the people.. us.. that don’t understand..

“How much we are loved. How there are people who are never far from redemption. People who He longs for.

In the face of His love, our pursuits for success, our crashing towards failure.. these are so very little.

There is peace.

That, to me, is breathtaking..”

“But what does God have to do with all that?

With the patterns of life, this path which we lead.. of survival, of greatness..

It seems like an entirely different story to me..”

“Well… When one sees these realities…

Life, it becomes entirely something else.

More than just a positive outlook, you see the reality of this complete beauty..

The abundance of grace, the unending love.

You could have a joy founded on a solid ground, which none can take away..

And set compassion and grace in motion.”

“It still seems so different to me.”


Maybe it is.


Maybe not.”

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