Rain and Distant Worlds

When it rains hard, there’s nothing you can hear but the sound of the harsh pouring raindrops hitting our galvanized roof. There are buckets laid out in different key areas of the house where the ceiling is weak and drops of rain make their way through.

All this noise. You can hear so much, yet it’s all just that. It’s just noise.



It’s interesting how the weather works. How, when it rains, only a particular area can feel it. When it rains, the others who enjoy the summer don’t really feel the storm and the rough weathers going on from miles away. And we’re all oblivious, somehow. Now that I’m older, I’ve been more aware.. of the distance, and that unawareness we’ve had… how, while we live in one world, it’s like there are separate worlds.. each individual, living in his own separate world and we’re all so far from each other.

Though in spite of that, I am grateful for the barriers broken. I see with clearer eyes, though I may not act like it yet and haven’t made any tangible proof yet. And it helps out a lot.

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