The Desert Story


“And I will bring praise, I will bring praise..”

The passion from their singing fills up the entire place. The people, devoted and on fire, giving their
all to sing this one song. Some, singing and feeling the words, with their eyes closed.

“No weapon formed against me shall remain.”

He can picture the scene – the gates of heaven open, with the crowd roaring and
rejoicing with every bit of passion they had, and declaring..

“God is my victory and He is here.”

It was a breathtaking sight. He could see that, and he smiles at the thought. He was a
part of that crowd, in a concert he went to that night. He could sing, yeah, and he did..

But at the back of his mind, he just knows he couldn’t.

Well, after this night, it would probably be the same, like most Sundays have been.

Back to a 9 to 5 work and another job on the side that helps him and his ailing father


Back to those moments of loneliness when he felt like God was nowhere in sight.

As wars rage on, beliefs clash, in a world full of suffering..

Where was God? Maybe he was in the far-off distance.. maybe he perhaps does not exist.

“All of my life, in every season.”

Storms and tornadoes.

God, where are you?!

When patients die and our efforts as nurses and doctors couldn’t save them..

“You are still God.”

Are you still God? Are you still in control?

“I have a reason to sing.”

The crowd keeps on singing. With fervor. With an impenetrable resolve. He looks
around… And, he knew he just had to stop. It just doesn’t feel real for him.

And he’s not alone. Everyone goes through doubt, do they?

“I have a reason to worship.”

Letting go of everything, he runs fast… Far away from that place. For a moment, some
of the people were startled by him, but they shirked it off and went back to singing..

“And I will bring praise..I will bring praise.”

Why was he doing this? Did life weigh him down too much?

Maybe he didn’t see a reason for all of it…when it all just seems so wrong.

“No weapon formed against me shall remain.”

He stops running. To catch his breath, and he falls to the ground.. so very tired and
weighed down. He didn’t have to run but he did..maybe all he did was spend all his
energy for nothing. One thing’s for sure, he couldn’t sing…

“I will rejoice, I will declare.”

Was God there for him, still? With nothing but the ground below him, the trees around
him, the moon and stars above him.. was God for Him…was He there… even now?

He looks up..and he sees a hand reaching out to him.

“God is my victory and He is here.”


A short story I wrote earlier today, inspired by the “Desert Song” by Hillsong United. It’s a well-known song for most Christians, and as I heard it earlier today, I realized how, if we were to be honest, we go through seasons of doubt where songs that have lyrics of bold faith just doesn’t seem right and so contradicting to our lives at times. In our times of questioning, of running, and of doubt, you know what?.. God is still there, and our victory is still in Him.

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