Don’t Walk Away

Art by Tactician Jenro

Art by Tactician Jenro

Note: This post is not for the people who strongly dislike emotions and unneeded honesty.

 Don’t Walk Away

So many friends they come and go

“Please don’t walk away”

When mistakes are made, can’t be undone

“Please don’t walk away”

When brothers throw you down a pit for a few coins

“Please don’t walk away”

When you don’t meet their expectations

“Please don’t walk away”

When those you trust leave you all alone

The biggest mistake is to walk on your own

“Oh God, oh God, are you the same?

Please don’t walk away.”

“My child I’ve never left you.”

When life forces you to walk away from home

“It’s already a fact, how you’ve all walked away.”

“And that’s what I’ll do the same.”

May these hearts mend, may these eyes see

The Creator has never left humanity

All broken, all yearning, yet it’s hard to believe

“Please don’t walk away.”

“I’m not like them, my child.”

“Please don’t walk away.”

“No. I’ll be here to stay.”

With shattered hearts,

We keep on saying,

“Please don’t walk away.”

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