August 20, 2013


Knee-deep flood, and stranded citizens who couldn’t make their way home. That was the scenario here. It’s a dark time, with storm clouds rolling above us and streets flooded and tainted with worry. While some cling to and exalt happiness during these times (yeah, well, it’s just a storm!) there are those who mourn for the loss of livelihood, properties, and furthermore, lives of loved ones. I don’t know how we could be joyful, then, but of course…we could still be.

In these moments of loss, when we could have prevented all that was wasted, I imagine people losing their way on the inside, while still giving every effort to make it through. Well, not a lot of us could empathize – to imagine being in their place – but if I were there, if I was the one in despair or if I were that someone that loses so much, I would be so frustrated, I would ask questions and doubt..

But I’ll hold on and have faith. I know there’s a purpose and a way. I know there is love, still, in the midst of the storm. The ways of man have caused this harm, this loss, yet God’s love, while unseen, remains. And we can make it through.


Seriously though, our country needs your prayers! You have probably heard it in the news.

Even those good thoughts count a whole lot, and we are hoping it would all be clear from here..

Please let me hear your thoughts. (via comment)

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