Comic Strips: Honest Speculations and A Look Back

I’ve made 14 comics so far. Comic strips sharing a lot about my inner thoughts about life and the faith. 


 Yet in spite of this, I still really fail to define what I am all about, and it is getting a bit difficult to keep making comics. I’m mostly getting in these dilemmas, or maybe just unable to handle my time well.
Anyway, here’s a post looking back at the comic strips that I have made from February 2013 – October 2013. You can click on the images to bring you to the original comic post.

Comic #1: Wait And See

I made Wait And See with the confidence that Christ keeps on redeeming me in the midst of the disbelief and self-doubt. This has, in a way, touched other people through and through.
Honest Speculations:
I’d have to be honest this was written with feelings of disbelief arising within me and it was something I made to help ease my doubts away…Those doubts in MYSELF – if I’m even authentic, or if this is all actually just a complacency advocacy.
And I’ve thought how it’s not about coming from a position of “being already there” to be able to live effective lives reflecting God’s goodness. We, in our imperfections, can be Christians. It’s not about working on being qualified. But we already are. And this I am sure of, and this I think we need to pack into our hearts a bit more.

Comic #2: Fear And Love

Fear and Love was written out of a concern for people – mostly those people who just don’t get it. It’s those people who need the love from us Christians the most. They are, too, humans with souls.
Honest Speculations:
I get it how some people would say the sheep ought to just stay in our flock since wolves are out there. We have this notion that unbelievers are dangerous wolves and they’re gonna eat you alive and kill your faith.
My point here is – maybe those ‘other people’ aren’t wolves. Because when we see them as wolves, we cross them out, and we fail to see the possibility that they, too, could come to our Shepherd. We really shouldn’t be threatened at all. So let’s build that bridge across and help save a life.

Comic #3: Promises

The comic Promises is filled with disbelief and doubt everywhere. Maybe not so much in God, but more with myself. This has been one of my greater struggles. I ask about how this is gonna end…specifically, my part of the story. But, more like the comic Wait And See, I hold on to the abundant promises of God and it still keeps me going to this day.
Honest Speculations:
Isn’t the future full of uncertainty? Because it’s found in the unseen. I ask questions and wonder about the route I am taking. What lies ahead makes me afraid and it’s very difficult to overcome.

Comic #4: Red Tie Guy

This comic was so random, but again, it comes from some personal feelings. I’ve based it off a popular figure called Cereal Guy, and I know that deep down, there’s that guy in all of us. And this is a reminder to myself – one of the quotes by C.S. Lewis, “There are far greater things ahead than anything we leave behind. Far greater than we could ever imagine.” Maybe that’s not how the exact quote goes, but you get what I mean.
Honest Speculations:
In some ways, I’m contradicting some popular Christian beliefs about how we look ‘heavenward’ towards the future and “God’s plan” that could be found in that future, that we often really forget about what lies in the present. There’s nothing wrong about that, but, what I’m saying is, the present is also a part of God’s plan – we have that “future” and “hope” in the present, lit with eternal rays..

Comic #5: If I Could Be Like Me

This comic had all dem feels. It narrates a part of my life found in the past. It still really hurts me at this moment, how it’s all been. But I’m learning to let it all go, and look to what’s ahead of me. And I’ve learned a lot from then, yeah. There’s really no point in bringing the past hurts back, ’cause I know it could have been much worse.

Comic #6: One I Need

One I Need is a pretty self-explanatory comic, simple in all its truths.  Thank you Jesus. He’s really the one found at the center of my faith.

Comic #7: Anxiety

“What if I’m too far behind? What if I don’t make it in time?”  What does it take to have a well-lived life and finding your purpose and place? Is where I’m in okay enough and how do I move forward? Will God help me to move forward? What will happen?
Honest Speculations:
I sometimes wonder if it’s necessary to answer these questions and confront those deep thoughts and questions that show and reveal a huge weak spot, as others may seem to think. But I’ve learned showing your weakness is okay. It makes way for growth.

Comic #8: Butterfly In Flight

Butterfly In Flight was written at a point when I’ve seen so much of the arguments… the attacks… against those who hold on to the faith. People who act as though it’s the wrongest thing ever. And a lot of people all across the world experience these things. But it’s that one BIG Truth. The truth is, there is far more here than meets the eye. The things we can’t see now will last forever.

Comic #9: Be My Friend

I wrote this comic during the days I’ve been lonely and yearning for a friend and just want to feel that another’s with me and willing to share life with me. It’s rough but I still dream of that person – in fact, I dream that we could all be like this: one day treating each other as human beings, as valuable people going on the same journey together. I think as Christians this is something we should ask God more: to help us be more forgiving and compassionate.. more open to other people. More kind and understanding.

Comic #10: Mending Heart

Here’s a look back at “Bleeding Heart”, written over a year ago. More information on that can be found here.

Comic #11: I Want To Be That Friend

I’ve hurt people in the past and had friends who saw the worst side of me, never to return. It’s still something I think of from time to time. I’m just hoping that one day, those friends see God’s grace in spite of this. That, even if I’m no longer their friend, I still would like them to have a good life, and God wants only the best for them..

Comic #12 and 13: Lightyoke and Me (Part 1 & Part 2)

Comic 12 and 13. I don’t know what to say about this. Sometimes this is often how I feel. Like….how everything is wasted. How nothing is happening the way I want it to be. How opportunities have been lost, and the story may have been written the wrong way, and possibly go the wrong way. It’s not as simple as others think it is. And this frustrates me a lot. But like what the butterfly says, nothing is ever wasted.. and God is faithful.
It’s hugely frustrating, but I’ve known enough to treat that as something good. Something that, in spite of it all, it’s something to be happy about, however unnatural that may sound to other people.

Comic #14: Symphony and Significance

So this is the most recent comic I made. The message is closely linked to the other comics. It’s easy to feel like you’re so small, but we play our part. Our actions do matter, most especially our acts of love. Let’s play our part in the symphony!
So that’s all of it so far.
Hoping to make some more stuff soon, and think of something.

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