Well On My Way By Now


Everyday, these past few months, I just seem to always go back to square one. Not knowing what to be, not knowing what to do. Not making any significant progress and not mapping out a goal. It’s frustrating how looking back at the things I’ve written from when I first started the blog, it is all mostly still the same. There were improvements, sure, but generally looking back and assessing myself, there’s no huge progress toward the way I should be going.

How do I start? How do I keep up with the pace of it all?
At first I thought it was only about evading the guilt and pressure to be perfect and moral. And I’ve learned that it’s not all about that.
Lying deeper, there’s the realization of the reality of time. The need for improvement and change. To sustain myself and to accomplish whatever is worthwhile.
As time moves, so does the expectation to grow up rises.
I’m turning 20, and so, you probably know what I mean.
With growing up comes the challenges to remain in childlike faith, and trust. Because the message of self-reliance, working in huge volumes, setting goals and focusing on that…this message is prevalent.
Though, at some point it’s necessary to move that way. It’s right. I’ve known and seen with my own eyes how my ways aren’t working anymore. There are things in my life that need a 180 degree turn – things that won’t come by mere prayer. Things that require battle and work.
If it continues on and change doesn’t happen – then days could again turn to years, and with that comes the piling up of tasks and expectations, and a lot of catching up, regrets, and ultimately, more frustration.
Something’s got to change. Something’s got to give.
I need you God, more than ever. Help me.
I am relying on you, still. Patience works, and patience is effective. Help me do my part.

5 thoughts on “Well On My Way By Now

  1. @”I am relying on you, still. Patience works, and patience is effective. Help me do my part”

    rely on the Lord. rely on Jesus.

    @”Patience works, and patience is effective.”

    don’t disqualify yourself. if you do not have patience, its ok. Patience is a fruit.
    Patience is not a fruit of your self effort.
    let it out. be Impatient as much as you want.

    @”Help me do my part”

    although i agree we have our part. but yet again… dont disqualify yourself.

    if you cant do your part, it simply means God does not want you to do anything.

    how hard is it for God to give you a hope and a future? the God who created everything you see from nothing, is your Father. your Father who is very much willing beyond your desire or willingness. He is more than willing to answer you.

    so, whats the requirements? patience? nope… keep on believing. stop expecting change. it will happen. but maybe not today. :)

    i think we are on a same situation. mine is a bit different, but under the hood its the same thing.

    keep on keeping on. receive Grace everyday bro. receive the gift of Righteousness. you will reign in life. amen!

  2. I will share with you something I recently shared with someone else of similar age: Show me a 20-something who says they have it all together, and I will show you someone who is most likely a liar. Show me a 30-something who says they have it all together, and I will hold a healthy amount of skepticism. Show me a 40-somthing who says they have it all together, and I will need to evaluate on a case-by-case basis. Show me a 50+ person who says they still haven’t figured it out, and I will show you an honest man.

    Keep in mind always that there are three truths:
    4 times, the Bible tells us that none are righteous (Ps. 14:3, Ps. 53:3, & Rom. 3: 10 & 12 [technically 5 if you include Rom. 3:23 and probably more if you include those verses that aren’t quite so upfront about it.])It’s easy to want to change and do good and improve yourself, it’s quite another matter to actually accomplish it. (Romans 7:14–25)“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” II Cor. 5:17

    The biggest trap we can fall into is thinking that we should be further along than we are. Even if it may be true, the best thing we can do is ask forgiveness for the shortcomings in our faith and actions, and then move forward. We can only look at where we are in relation to where we were and where God says need to be. Trouble comes when we look at where we are in relation to others, which is what most often tends to cause that feeling of not being far enough along.

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