Free Stuff!
I have read both of these and I find them great. You might want to check out the following:

The Naked Gospel by Andrew Farley
So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore? by Wayne Jacobsen and Dave Coleman
Update (11/30/2012) : He Loves Me by Wayne Jacobsen (Free Ebook)

Here are a few of my other blogs/sites or sites that you could check out:

My Grace Glasses
My Grace Glasses is my new tumblr blog where you can see more of God’s love and goodness through photos, music and quotes.

Flaring Felicity

Flaring Felicity is my sister’s blog about lifestyle, inspiration, food, and events.

Three Smitten Kittens
My other sister’s cosplay and artisan crafts blog.

Grace For My Heart
Grace For My Heart is a blog by Pastor David Orrison. I love his posts and you should check them out too.

Escape to Reality
Escape to Reality is a blog by Paul Ellis. I was lead to this blog and found out the truths God unveiled to me about His love, faithfulness and grace.

Please let me hear your thoughts. (via comment)

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