Comic #7: Anxiety

comic by tacticianjenro

comic by tacticianjenro

More like a question rather a story, this comic shows some of the thoughts I’ve had about what it takes to have a well-lived life and about what it means to worry. The Bible tells us not to worry and not to fear, but at the same time there are some places in it where we can feel this way instead. 

Emotions, opinions, can get quite rough and they make you feel like you’re miles behind. People often compare life to a race, or a competition, but, in spite of how they insist it is, I’d rather “lose” than “win”.

The answer to this, probably, is found in my previous comic, “One I Need“.

A Year Since “No Matter What”

I just had this realization that it has been over a year since I’ve written Greyskeil Rainbow’s most popular post = No Matter What. If you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to do so. It’s a short story I’ve written with most of my thoughts, my emotions, about what God might be thinking and that battle against self-doubt.

It’s a bit stupid to think that it has beena year, and yet, somehow, I still don’t grasp this clearly, or..I feel as if I’m not in the right position yet. But, actually, there is no need to over complicate things. But, I actually do.

Being a Christian isn’t easy. There are times when we doubt God, and sometimes…we doubt ourselves.

No Matter What highlights some of these thoughts that I have also been anxious about in the past (and sometimes even now).

“I am being clouded by fearful imaginations,
That the day might come when I will fail you, Lord.
And that I might not stand in front of you,
That you would reject me.”

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Taking the Driver’s Seat

Hi there guys. I think I really need to write here more often now. I shouldn’t worry about all the other things. 

God tells us not to worry anyway.

“My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” -Matthew 11:30

But, recently, I’ve been into much anxiety, jumping from hope to despair, faith to doubt, somewhat inconsistent…and I’ve also been trying to give myself a sense of direction. And there’s nothing wrong with that..

With so much of the future lacking clarity, questions popping up in our heads saying,

“Will I be alright?”

“Will my future be fine?”

“Will I be ready to face the world in time?”

As I look through Facebook, I can’t help but feel sad sometimes because of the people who make it big, who achieve a lot of things and have a clear direction to what they are doing.

While me, I pretty much don’t think I’m ready yet, I just overthink things and I’m stopping out of college for this semester.

But that’s no reason to be sad now, eh?

I still think everything will be okay. I have a big God, and He’s not done with me yet. I’ll just be thankful for what I have, live life loving others, and that’s all there is to it! :) He is my Provider, my Comforter.. :)

Casting All My Cares

“Cast all your anxiety on him,because he cares for you.”-1Peter 5:7 

Sometimes, giving up or letting go seems harder because of all the possibilities you know might happen if you lose grip of the wheel…

Possibilities of negative outcome from just leaving the heavy baggage on the floor can plague us.

Sometimes we want to come back and pick up the weight — because, come to think of it, we think carrying things seems to be more “proper” and “comfortable” for us rather than letting our Father God handle that weight for us.

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