I haven’t been posting here much, and for that I can’t seem to find a reason to. I probably have a lot going in my mind that I’m not able to write here – all these things that are really difficult to say.

But I’d like to go back – relive and realize all these things that I’ve wrote and how I may have changed throughout this journey. The other day, I celebrate my 20th birthday, and a few months from now, it will be three years since I started writing on this blog.

I’ve learned a lot, and am learning still. I’ll just keep at it, and keep going.


Image by tacticianjenro

I can’t believe I’m turning 18 soon (on the 18th of February) and it’s already been a year since I graduated from high school. Time moves so fast….I’m just wondering if I’m using that time made out of gold right, that time which God has given to everyone of us.

What do I want for my 18th birthday?

Hmm…. I just want to relax, and not worry  about anything. I’ve been thinking a lot and, too be honest, really unfocused to which road I’m really taking… I just want to be with nature and commune with the trees and grass.

I also want to be able to truly want eternal life and not to get so accustomed with things here…if I could.

My life is fine, and I’m blessed by God, so, I thank Him for that – that I’m not like the other  teenagers who suffer so much just to have food to eat… or from not having anyone who would care for them. That’s why I want to be satisfied instead of to want more.

And thanks to you guys, who keep on reading my blog, and to those who find encouragement in my words/stories. If you would know me in person…you couldn’t really tell if I am a Christian. I screw up every now and then, and I feel guilty for that…

But that’s not how it is, right? It’s not our actions that identify us, nor how much we love Him, but it’s Jesus – who gives us our identity. It’s how He loves us.