Life’s Little Big Blessings… (Bleeding Heart).

Amazing! I couldn’t believe that Anthony Baker (author of the blog, The Recovering Legalist) would feature me in one of his posts, and on top of that, his daughter Katie just made one of my poems entitled “Bleeding Heart” into a song! I mean – these are really life’s little big blessings that make me smile and get really thankful about all these things…things that might not seem significant for others, but to me, this is really something big.

You can listen to the song here: Bleeding Heart – by Katie Baker

You can find our conversation about making my poem here on the poem’s comments section: “Take my heart…and save it.”

This song shows a lot about what I’ve been feeling recently and I’ve been desperately crying out to God because I know of the darkness that’s still somehow making its way inside of me. But I am assured that Christ’s light is brighter and in time, I know He’ll be able to restore this bleeding heart that the world has somehow tainted.

Bleeding Heart also means that somehow…portraying false righteousness and not admitting our failures is damaging and wrong. I think we all need a bleeding heart to be made new again. We need to realize are filth before we can be cleansed.

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