Artwork: Thinking of You by Matthew Parker

Thinking of You

Art by Tactician Jenro

“I was surprised by a bluebird
He came and sat next to me
I was so blue he was so happy
He reminded me of you
I’m thinking of you.”
I’m always on the lookout for music I find interesting and just recently discovered Matthew Parker, a new Christian artist who’s just the same age as I am.

One of my favorite songs he wrote is “Thinking of You” an Owl City-sound alike song. I decided to make this fanart out of it, based on the lyrics. You can listen to it here.

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The One Safe Soul I’ve Got

Photo by hotblack

One Safe Soul by Josh Wilson
(From his new album Carry Me)

I can face unthinkable things
As long as you face them with me.
And I could take the world’s worst news
As long as I get to come home to you.

Oh baby, you show me the love of God.

And love is never blind,
You see all the wrongs
I try to hide.
But you stay right by my side
When all the world does not.
You’re the one safe soul I’ve got.

Man’s greatest fear is being alone,
And his second greatest is being unknown.
But if you are both known and loved,
You got nothing left to be scared of.

You are solace in the storm,
You are rest when I am worn,
You are words when I can’t speak,
You are song when I can’t sing.

Keep Calm, Truth Remains.

Keep Calm, Truth RemainsI get so anxious about myself so easily and that’s hindered me a lot of times, and I often fight those by listening to music. The above ones listed are ones I encourage you to listen to. I am sure you will be blessed. God loves you…let go…He’s holding you.

Nothing Is Wasted

Is It OK to be OK?

Dry moments. Nothing, no focus, no goal…no sort of inspiration. I could be keeping my mind set on something and doing that, instead of just…staring at the blank page before me. But what do I write? There are times, like right now, when I feel like just making scribbles. Random ones. Whether they overlap, or form an image, or just plain scribbles that don’t really mean anything… well. It’s those times.

I could be inspired right now, hopeful that my future is bright. Taking short, small steps…towards what? Maybe I feel intimated, or just misguided, or just…dependent. That’s it. Dependent.

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This Is Grace – Andrew Abbott

I’ve been looking around at Soundcloud, searching for covers of some of my favorite music, and found so many talented artists and music that don’t get a lot of attention. One that captured my heart through his music is Andrew Abbott, an Independent Christian recording artist from Ontario, Canada. His biography, I would definitely agree with: “His songs are lyric driven, reaching to the core emotions that each one of us have experienced in life.”

Grace? What is grace? One thing that Andrew Abbott does so well through his music is in capturing the hurt, regret, and failure – not ignoring it, not substituting it with false joy – but instead making us realize it. That…this is real. People hurt. But the good news is, there is LOVE, from a Father..a Daddy.. showing us grace, that…in spite of our sin and hurt, He accepts us and lavishes us with His Love..Love that is greater than our past.

As Andrew says, “I know there are people in this world that are hurting; I want my music to reach into their hearts and give them something that is greater than their hurt.”

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Carry Me – Josh Wilson

I try to catch my breath, it hasn’t happened yet.
I’m wide awake in the middle of the night scared to death.
So I pray, “God, would You make this stop?”
“Father, please hold on to me, You’re all I’ve got.”

Carry me, carry me, carry me now,
From my sinking sand to Your solid ground.
The only way I’m ever gonna make it out
Is if You carry me, carry me, carry me now.
God carry me, carry me, carry me now..

Jesus calm my heart,
Come near me please.
Lord don’t let these worries get the best of me.
Oh I believe, that You’re still here with me.
Cause You meant what You said when You said You’d never leave.

I’m at the end of myself
I know I’ve got nothing left.
Feels like I’m stuck in the valley of the shadow of death.
And I’ve been down here so long..
I just can’t find my way out.
Oh God I don’t stand a chance,
Unless You carry me now.
God carry me now.