Ramblings Part 3

When will I find someone who will care?

When will I find someone who will listen, and with all his heart, let go of selfishness, of thinking his own profit first?

Because it’s always like that… people always come to you, knowing they would benefit from you. But what if there is no benefit? What if he has no brilliant words to say? What if he hasn’t achieved anything?

What if his actions, his mistakes, has so much put him into the bottom of the food chain?


What? Who’s there?

Turn around.

What do you mean, turn around–what–

I’m right here. I care for every little thing you go through. I know every bit of hurt, every bit of pain, and every bit of word you’ve left unsaid.

I’ve always loved you. I’ve always been with you.

No matter how stupid you think you are, or how much mistakes you make, know that … I still love you. I love you completely. I love you forever.

Uh…. what?

Where did those words come from?

I-i-it must be silly… I mean, that’s not right.

How could someone be able to love someone like me, who keeps on…

moving in rebellion.

walking in disobedience.

Could you please tell me?

I shut the PC, I find that it’s 2:26A.M.

Yeah, right. Silly me.

I am loved, yes. Silly me.

Author’s Notes: I actually didn’t know what I was writing here, I just let the keyboard type on its own. ^_^ These are just one of those rambles I keep on writing and then all of a sudden some thoughts just arrives in me (the one in the bold letters).

No Matter What


No matter what, my child, I will be.

“Will you be?,” I questioned the Lord,
“Will there be nothing that could separate us and break us apart?
I am still haunted by the echoes in my head.
I am still tearing down myself from all these thoughts.
I am being clouded by fearful imaginations,
That the day might come when I will fail you, Lord.
And that I might not stand in front of you,
That you would reject me.”

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