Comic #14: Symphony and Significance


comic by Tactician Jenro

It’s been about a month since my last comic! So here’s an update. It’s poorly drawn to be honest, and the idea is all over the place.

But hope I got the point across.

We’re all a part of this journey together. We may not be Steve Jobs or Gandhi, Paul or Peter, but there’s a music stirring inside of us that we just have to play out… a difference that we can make.


Comic #12: Lightyoke & Me (Part 1)

Comic by Tactician Jenro

The comic strips are making a comeback, featuring Kaylan and the yellow butterfly, Lightyoke. This is the first part of the comic, and the second part to arrive soon. I hope I could create a whole plot, including characters and settings, hopefully making this into a web-comic with a following. So any ideas would be appreciated.

But here’s a question:

If you were the butterfly Lightyoke, what advice would you give to the struggling Kaylan?

Your comments are most welcome!



Comic #11: I Want To Be That Friend


I want to be that friend who will stick with you till the end. To be that friend who sees the beauty inside of you that no one doesn’t seem to care about. I want to be that friend who’ll stay true..we’ll have bond that’s held tight by super glue.. But I’ve been that friend who turns away.. those ones I’ve dropped, like shattering clay.. I don’t want to hurt someone again. So if ever you think I’ve failed, just know that I’m imperfect..a work-in-progress. But still, that desire to love with all that it takes.. it’s here. And you can count on that.