Counting on You


Other than occasionally making artstuff and working on a few random things like work, most of my recent days have been spent staring blankly towards nowhere. I’ve been thinking thoughts about who I should be but am not. Why do I still do this, in spite of the opportunities that obviously present themselves?

I’ve seen a year – heck, three years – blindly pass me by, Not saying nothing happened at all during those years, but…something more could have. I could be jumping into wells and riding paper planes. instead I contemplate about these things that have passed and blaming all the events that never happened.

I might even have lost sight of what Lightyoke is all about – which is carrying a lighter burden. Since…I know I shouldn’t be going easy now. So, yeah, things have been going very slow.

Comic #5: If I Could Be Like Me

comic by tacticianjenro

comic by tacticianjenro

I miss being a child where I didn’t have to worry or shape the future that could be ahead of me. At that moment, I wasn’t thinking about what I’d really like to be or how I’d like to shape myself. I thought things would just happen and fall into place. I was also very creative, more than most kids, I believe. I was writing comics, and making up my own stories and characters. Looking back,if ever someone showed their support to me, that would have helped me out as a kid and change me in a huge way. I still remember the stories, although they were simple.. I know the beauty behind them. But like the comic said, they were thrown away.

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We Grow…Still

We Grow As A New Dawn

“We Grow…As A New Dawn” by tacticianjenro

We Grow Give it Time

“We Grow…Give It Time” by tacticianjenro

Each day, I choose to think that I become a better person.. There is no guilt. There is nothing to be ashamed of. The past is gone, and is now made into something glorious.

And in the future, a promise is waiting. It’s an amazing promise, one filled with much hope. At the same time, we may feel inadequate and fearful, but it’s far more than being about us.

And I will wait..thankful for what I am, who I am, and what I have.