Something Beyond


Pondering. Wondering. Asking, and questioning.

This time, I know. A lot of things. So many things. Yet it still isn’t as clear as I think it should be. Now I wonder about things like suffering, chance, and effort. I wonder about the people who have lost their lives in the recent tragedies I see and hear – if there is a reason behind all of it, and if God knows about them and saw this coming. I wonder..if I was born and grew up in a place where Christ was not the center – what kind of person would I be?

I wonder how it’ll all be clear, for the people out there, and for me. Does God move in ways we can’t imagine? That, I believe. Maybe it will all be clear, one day, though there may be pain and ignorance, and suffering..

One Thing’s For Sure

I may or may not be,
The kind of person that I want to be..
But one thing’s for sure,
I’ll find myself secure
In the arms of the Father who loves me.

In times when it all doesn’t go as planned,
As the time pours out my hand, like sand
All drifting away, but one thing’s for sure,
I’ll find myself secure
With the love of the Father who’s holding my hand.

Don’t Walk Away

Art by Tactician Jenro

Art by Tactician Jenro

Note: This post is not for the people who strongly dislike emotions and unneeded honesty.

 Don’t Walk Away

So many friends they come and go

“Please don’t walk away”

When mistakes are made, can’t be undone

“Please don’t walk away”

When brothers throw you down a pit for a few coins

“Please don’t walk away”

When you don’t meet their expectations

“Please don’t walk away”

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Don’t You Forget

Let these words sink in. Hold these promises into memory. Keep it close to you. Now don’t you forget, don’t EVER forget..

“I am the Lord your God.

I am holding your hand,

so don’t be afraid.

I am here to help you.”

 -Isaiah 41:13 (CEV)

Take that promise and hold it tight. Wrap it around your heart. Let it rush deep down into your soul, because this is what truly matters. This is what defines you.

Don’t you ever forget…. Your Daddy’s holding you.

The Desert Story


“And I will bring praise, I will bring praise..”

The passion from their singing fills up the entire place. The people, devoted and on fire, giving their
all to sing this one song. Some, singing and feeling the words, with their eyes closed.

“No weapon formed against me shall remain.”

He can picture the scene – the gates of heaven open, with the crowd roaring and
rejoicing with every bit of passion they had, and declaring..

“God is my victory and He is here.”

It was a breathtaking sight. He could see that, and he smiles at the thought. He was a
part of that crowd, in a concert he went to that night. He could sing, yeah, and he did..

But at the back of his mind, he just knows he couldn’t.

Well, after this night, it would probably be the same, like most Sundays have been.

Back to a 9 to 5 work and another job on the side that helps him and his ailing father


Back to those moments of loneliness when he felt like God was nowhere in sight.

As wars rage on, beliefs clash, in a world full of suffering..

Where was God? Maybe he was in the far-off distance.. maybe he perhaps does not exist.

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