Comic #11: I Want To Be That Friend


I want to be that friend who will stick with you till the end. To be that friend who sees the beauty inside of you that no one doesn’t seem to care about. I want to be that friend who’ll stay true..we’ll have bond that’s held tight by super glue.. But I’ve been that friend who turns away.. those ones I’ve dropped, like shattering clay.. I don’t want to hurt someone again. So if ever you think I’ve failed, just know that I’m imperfect..a work-in-progress. But still, that desire to love with all that it takes.. it’s here. And you can count on that.




The Gospel


The gospel is good news, but what is the news and what makes it good?

Much of what is sold as “the gospel” is an inferior substitute for the real thing. Don’t be fooled by cheap knock-offs! There is an easy way to distinguish the authentic from the counterfeit. The true gospel is 100% good news. There’s no bad news in the good news. If the gospel you’ve bought into makes you feel insecure, anxious, guilty, and condemned, then it’s no good. Discard it before it kills you!

The original gospel signaled a great joy for all people. It was, and remains, an announcement about a Man. This Man has done not one, but two deeds of supreme and eternal significance. If you have not heard of this Man and His deeds, then this will be good news for you:

1.    Jesus died for you. In the greatest demonstration of love the world has ever seen, Jesus gave His life for us. We had chosen independence from God and reaped the whirlwind. But God loved us so much that He sent His Son to ransom us from the power of sin and death. The Son of God became a son of man and took the punishment that brought us peace. He was rejected that we might be accepted; wounded that we might be healed; cursed that we might be blessed. On the cross He carried our sin and gave us His righteousness. Through Him we have been reconciled to God and our sins are no longer held against us. In the grip of death Jesus cried, “it is finished.” His rescue mission complete, Jesus committed His spirit into the hands of His Father and died.

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Comic #2: Fear and Love

Comic by tacticianjenro

Comic: Fear And Love

“Peace could come at quite a cost, so we won’t build a bridge across..Fear is easy, love is hard.” -Jason Gray, in his song here.

After so many months, I finally decided to make a new comic, the first one being here.

These are some of my thoughts about how often we don’t give others a chance, or even dismiss them as hopeless. I think, If God loves us so much we should do our best to see others as humans with souls, who are still never too far from redemption. I know how He loves me, and I don’t want that love being held back to myself. Well, I know that’s tough but…I’d prefer to choose to live a life of love..

It’s Hard to See Grace – A Rant

I just realized that, often times, it’s hard to see grace.

Especially if you keep messing up all the time, and people demand you actions, and shove the regrets you have and the mistakes you’ve got from your past right into your face. Often times, that how it is, right?

It’s hard to see grace, when often times…people LOOK at someone, and while they don’t, they actually really intend to throw stones at them for being in the ‘wrong’.

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God’s Love is a Constant


There’s one of those days when you feel like giving up and you feel like nothing’s ever really happening and you’re too weak to make something out of nothing. There are times when the situations in front of us get the most out of us and we can’t really pick up the sword lying right there and fight back. Time is a foe, and yet it always makes losers out of us for seemingly “not” being able to use him properly.

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This Is Grace – Andrew Abbott

I’ve been looking around at Soundcloud, searching for covers of some of my favorite music, and found so many talented artists and music that don’t get a lot of attention. One that captured my heart through his music is Andrew Abbott, an Independent Christian recording artist from Ontario, Canada. His biography, I would definitely agree with: “His songs are lyric driven, reaching to the core emotions that each one of us have experienced in life.”

Grace? What is grace? One thing that Andrew Abbott does so well through his music is in capturing the hurt, regret, and failure – not ignoring it, not substituting it with false joy – but instead making us realize it. That…this is real. People hurt. But the good news is, there is LOVE, from a Father..a Daddy.. showing us grace, that…in spite of our sin and hurt, He accepts us and lavishes us with His Love..Love that is greater than our past.

As Andrew says, “I know there are people in this world that are hurting; I want my music to reach into their hearts and give them something that is greater than their hurt.”

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