Artwork: Thinking of You by Matthew Parker

Thinking of You

Art by Tactician Jenro

“I was surprised by a bluebird
He came and sat next to me
I was so blue he was so happy
He reminded me of you
I’m thinking of you.”
I’m always on the lookout for music I find interesting and just recently discovered Matthew Parker, a new Christian artist who’s just the same age as I am.

One of my favorite songs he wrote is “Thinking of You” an Owl City-sound alike song. I decided to make this fanart out of it, based on the lyrics. You can listen to it here.

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This Is Grace – Andrew Abbott

I’ve been looking around at Soundcloud, searching for covers of some of my favorite music, and found so many talented artists and music that don’t get a lot of attention. One that captured my heart through his music is Andrew Abbott, an Independent Christian recording artist from Ontario, Canada. His biography, I would definitely agree with: “His songs are lyric driven, reaching to the core emotions that each one of us have experienced in life.”

Grace? What is grace? One thing that Andrew Abbott does so well through his music is in capturing the hurt, regret, and failure – not ignoring it, not substituting it with false joy – but instead making us realize it. That…this is real. People hurt. But the good news is, there is LOVE, from a Father..a Daddy.. showing us grace, that…in spite of our sin and hurt, He accepts us and lavishes us with His Love..Love that is greater than our past.

As Andrew says, “I know there are people in this world that are hurting; I want my music to reach into their hearts and give them something that is greater than their hurt.”

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Life’s Little Big Blessings… (Bleeding Heart).

Amazing! I couldn’t believe that Anthony Baker (author of the blog, The Recovering Legalist) would feature me in one of his posts, and on top of that, his daughter Katie just made one of my poems entitled “Bleeding Heart” into a song! I mean – these are really life’s little big blessings that make me smile and get really thankful about all these things…things that might not seem significant for others, but to me, this is really something big.

You can listen to the song here: Bleeding Heart – by Katie Baker

You can find our conversation about making my poem here on the poem’s comments section: “Take my heart…and save it.”

This song shows a lot about what I’ve been feeling recently and I’ve been desperately crying out to God because I know of the darkness that’s still somehow making its way inside of me. But I am assured that Christ’s light is brighter and in time, I know He’ll be able to restore this bleeding heart that the world has somehow tainted.

Bleeding Heart also means that somehow…portraying false righteousness and not admitting our failures is damaging and wrong. I think we all need a bleeding heart to be made new again. We need to realize are filth before we can be cleansed.

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Favorite Songs of 2011

Here are my favorite songs this 2011. Just wanted to share them to you guys.

Healing Begins – the song is about forgiving others, forgiving yourself – where healing
begins. and breaking down the walls that we build up, thinking we’re okay, when we’re absolutely not, and only by forgiving and admitting our faults can we be truly healed…

Strong Enough to Save – the song is about God and salvation. Tenth’s message with this song is that God is strong and loving, and he’s strong enough to save us through the ups and downs and he remains faithful despite of who we are.

They Just Believe – this song is very inspiring. I know it shows what’s inside a lot of people’s hearts right now, and this song has encouraged me during difficult times, and when my faith isn’t in a good condition.

Savior, Please – another song by Josh Wilson that is such an inspiration. I know I’m one of those persons who can’t seem to live on their own, who can’t keep myself up and I need someone to depend on, and this song just shows that prayer in my heart during those times.

Something’s Gotta Change -this song about Josh Wilson is such a great song. Made me realize a lot of things, and I know will, too! The message behind the song is what I believe, too, in this world we live in…

When I’m Alone – “Who am I when I’m alone?” Well, this is one of the songs I listen to when I feel a bit emotional, though, it’s not really advisable, but still this song has been one of my favorites this year.

Look What You’ve Done – this song’s pretty complicated, and this has hit my heart a lot, and I know I could relate to the message behind it. Well, yeah.