August 20, 2013


Knee-deep flood, and stranded citizens who couldn’t make their way home. That was the scenario here. It’s a dark time, with storm clouds rolling above us and streets flooded and tainted with worry. While some cling to and exalt happiness during these times (yeah, well, it’s just a storm!) there are those who mourn for the loss of livelihood, properties, and furthermore, lives of loved ones. I don’t know how we could be joyful, then, but of course…we could still be.

In these moments of loss, when we could have prevented all that was wasted, I imagine people losing their way on the inside, while still giving every effort to make it through. Well, not a lot of us could empathize – to imagine being in their place – but if I were there, if I was the one in despair or if I were that someone that loses so much, I would be so frustrated, I would ask questions and doubt..

But I’ll hold on and have faith. I know there’s a purpose and a way. I know there is love, still, in the midst of the storm. The ways of man have caused this harm, this loss, yet God’s love, while unseen, remains. And we can make it through.


Seriously though, our country needs your prayers! You have probably heard it in the news.

Even those good thoughts count a whole lot, and we are hoping it would all be clear from here..

Photos: Doña Jovita Garden Resort, Calamba, Laguna

In the past week, my family and I had been to a trip to Calamba, Laguna, the place of my childhood. This is where I grew up and went to grade school. We visited this resort where we just relaxed and kept close ties to one another. Here are some of those photos I’ve taken, which I think turned out nicely.  You can check out the resort’s site here.

Photos: Caypombo, Sta.Maria, Bulacan

Here are the photos I’ve taken on my stay in a friend’s house at Caypombo, Sta. Maria, Bulacan. It was an escape from the usual stuff of crowds and polluted air. It was my first time at their place and the sights were awesome.

I’ve also met some really nice people, and even tried my luck on learning how to ride a bike. But I’ve headed there to help out my friend record for a songwriting contest we’re joining.

Photos: Faded Skies

I went around the neighborhood yesterday to take pictures, and I’ve taken these. I love how the skies turned out – faded in color and yet you can see the lighter hues…it’s just amazing.

Not many people around our place appreciate the beauty of the skies, really…we’re just too caught up with pulling our own weight and putting much effort on our actions.


Photos: La Mesa Eco Park

My sister and I went to La Mesa Eco Park here in Manila a few days ago. It’s a single jeepney ride from our home – so near – yet the place itself is tranquil, and relaxing.

I took pictures of a few of the marvelous sights and plants I have found on our trip there. Plants are glorious creations. Well, you know, their living beings, too.

College Kid

I have a lot to say about education, being a 17-year old college student.

Education here in the Philippines is a bit different — grade school has 6 levels, and after that you go to high school with 4 levels. Unlike other countries which has two or more years (7th, 8th, 9th grade and so on), in our country, students graduate from high school unprepared for the world outside. That’s why all graduating high school students needs to go to college for them to land a decent job. At least, if they are financially okay to do that.

Our educational system is going to be fixed soon, by adding a year in grade school (7th grade) and in high school (5th year).

People really should know how being educated is really important… the teachers. The government officials. It’s really how much you’ve learned and are willing to learn that matters out there. But, here, it’s really sad… I have classmates in college who still don’t read well, write well or comprehend well. They’re not really mindful of their future either, and waste their time on drinking, having a girlfriend, and just having fun.

I know, a part of me doesn’t want to blame either and people’s choices. Because society plays a part in this, too. How people influence them (friends and family) are factors that affect their outlook in life.

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Photos: Chateau Royale Sports and Country Club

My mother celebrated her 50th birthday last January 14, and as a celebration, my mother, my two sisters and I went to Chateau Royale Sports and Country Club in Nasugbu, Batangas. Our trip was a once in a lifetime experience, and it was indeed relaxing and nice. We don’t travel really that much, so this was really something to treasure.

Chateau Royale is about 2-3 hours away from Manila and it’s also very near Tagaytay.

Our stay was indeed relaxing. Walking around. Feeling the wind, the fresh air. It was a great time away from the stresses and sounds of Metro Manila.

I’ve always wanted to take great photos, and finally this was that chance. Here are a few photos I have taken (and am really proud of):

Update (12/01/12): Changed to gallery format. :)