Little Sheep

Little Sheep

Little sheep, why do you run?
Chasing after the rising sun
Trying to move so far away
Felt rejected from the fray

Little sheep, did they laugh at you?
Saying, oh young one, you don’t have a clue
You’re left behind and feeling blue
They think they’re all better, wiser than you

Run, you run, as far as you can
You cling to rebellion, flowing tears, they began
Thinking you’ve been nothing but an insolent fool
Going your way, not abiding by rule

Little sheep, why do you run?
Going out the world, to experience the sun
Maybe you’ll find how bright it would shine
And know this route was really the most fine.

Wake up, my fellow sheep, wake up to the sun
Where mellow green pastures await, and much fun
Our shepherd, not but a limited man, you say
Well, I see him right here, giving light to this day.