Life in Motion – A Short Dialogue


“Hey…what’s up?”

“Hey.’s nice to see you again. And.. I’m sure you know already.

Yet, I’ve stepped out again, beating around the bush,

casting a fishing line into sea where fishes don’t exist.

You know how desperately I want to change right?”

“Yeah. You’ve got so much ahead of you.”

“Really… yeah. Really? How much assurance would it take to believe that?

When I know part of the equation, other than belief, is hardwork.

All the turmoil and striving, moving, necessary to keep living and to survive this battle called life..

And.. I don’t want to strive this way, anyway.”

“I know what you mean.

It’s how people give the choices and actions they’ve made all the credit, right?

Indeed, what would one be without action? Without the pressing on, the moving forward?”

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Video Game Ideas

I’ve wrote some video game plot ideas in the past that I would love to share with you all. It’s really far from being a reality, but still, just something that came to me.

Project “Lightyoke” is a story I’m working on about a group of teenagers in their journey to awaken the Hearts sleeping in Introspace, and unveiling the Truth that all along, what they were believing is but a lie from Deception.

I was thinking of making this into a video game.. if it’s possible. In the future…

It was long ago, when Abba, in his desire to release the Compassion from within him, created the Humes – beings with the capacity to share Compassion the same as him, and more importantly, to receive it. The Humes, they alone, have that power, that power stored in each of them being called a “Heart”.

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Greyskeil Stories #3 – Hate, Forgiveness, Family.

Giusefi sat down as he shared his problems to me. He was one of my closer friends. These were one of those rare moments when someone as strong as him would sit down and share his frail sides. He barely talks about them to anyone else, except for his best friends, and I was one of those friends.

“I…couldn’t help it. I’m sorry, Jenro,” he began.

“No, it’s okay, what is it? What happened? What’s wrong?” I replied. Earlier he had asked me to come, saying there was a problem he wanted to share to me.

“I couldn’t help it. I – you know, it’s hard to explain…” he said. I just nodded.

Giusefi is a pastor’s son. His mother goes home once or twice every few months, and at times, Giusefi is left at home to care for his siblings. The responsibility is on his shoulders.

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Greyskeil Stories #2 – All is Vanity

“Sincerity. Strength. Courage.
Humanity – all seems to focus towards the idea of our actions.
But the truth I came to realize is…our actions are not solid.
Not at all firmly planted in stable ground.
Some fail. Some succeed. But between these lines –
It is all a road of vanity and pride.
Does what we do really matter?
Is what we are doing right now, only a road leading to vanity?
..While those who fail wind up in a dead end of vexation..”

These were his words as he stood up in front of the class and shared to us his thoughts.

His classmates were silent. Stiff. Some felt weird. Some did not comprehend. Some ignored them entirely. But one thing I’m sure of is…there’s a whole lot of meaning behind those words.

I talked to him after class that day.

“Kaylan?” I said, as I approached him. “What did you mean?”

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